Rewriting The Gameplan ft. Sumo deadlifts!

C1W3D6 Accessory Day PENDLAY ROWS 135×90 in 7 minutes HAMMER CURLS 30s x 76 in 7 minutes (ea. arm) HYBRID SKULLCRUSHERS 50 x 63 in 7 minutes NEUTRAL GRIP PULLDOWN 90×15,15,15,15 STANDING BARBELL OHP 115×6,6,6,6,6,6 FARMERS WALKS 275×4 of 5 reps (1 rep = half a completion) ABDOMINAL COMPLEX HyperCrunch … Continue reading

Formulating a New Gameplan

In July (of 2016) I competed in my first powerlifting meet since February of 2014 and came away with some fairly decent numbers. I had previously set goals for myself for the year to hit a new squat PR, a new deadlift PR, and to finally bench of 300 (either … Continue reading

Consistency Is Key!

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