Genoymx ORIGIN Log Day 5: ARMS


The day I worked chest during the “blizzard” I actually wanted to do chest/tris but didn’t have the time. I didn’t feel like doing my back/bis routine just yet because I want my legs to have some more rest so I just decided to throw Tris/Bis together and give it a run. I enjoyed it

STRAIGHT BAR WRIST CURLS: 40×20 60×20,20,15

STRAIGHT BAR REVERSE CURLS: 40×20 50×20,20 40×20 (sets split: 10 reps wrists up, 10 reps wrists down)

HAMMER CURLS: 20s x 15,15,15,15,15

STRAIGHT BAR TRICEP PUSHDOWNS: 40×20 50×20,20 45×20 (sets split: 10 underhand, 10 overhand)




INCLINE DB CURLS: 10s x 20,20,20,20

This log is starting to become the light weight high rep special haha… it’ll switch back to what I usually do here next week. This workout was AWESOME. I’ve never actually specifically trained forearms so that was a first. After the last couple of sets of reverse curls my forearms were about to explode. As I moved on to the tricep pushdowns they felt really easy and I was concerned I wasn’t going heavy enough but as I approached the last two sets my triceps were on fire. Walked out of the gym with stiff arms and felt fantastic. Again ORIGIN helped me go the distance here. Although ORIGIN may not necessarily be a “pump” product, my arms were certainly swollen as I left the gym. Concentration was dead on and energy levels were high and never diminished.



Genomyx ORIGIN Log Day 1: BACK/BIS

CONVENTIONAL DEADLIFT: 135×10 225×8 (tore a scab off my shin with these… thats fun ) 275×6 315×5 335×1

LAT PULLDOWNS: 85×10,10,10,12

ONE-ARM DB ROW: 40×8 35×12 25×15 50×6 (wt. ea. arm)

FARMERS WALK: 80lb DBs x 20 yds x 4

BENT OVER ROW: 95×8,8,6


CHIN (aka STERNUM) UPS: BWx4,3,3 (sternum to bar, squeeze the lats, return to deadhang)

HAMMER CURLS: 35×10,10,10,12 (wt. ea. arm)

STANDING DB CURLS: 30×10,10,10,12 (wt. ea. arm)

INCLINE DB CURLS: 20×10,10,8,7 (wt. ea. arm)

Current thoughts:

At first upon opening the box that Origin was shipped in I was surprised to 1) find that Origin didn’t have a label so I thought that I potentially had been shipped a bottle of cocaine as Benzo had suggested but was disappointed when I unscrewed the lid and found the red crystals inside and 2) that they threw in a few SlinSane caps as well… those will certainly come in handy for the X-Mas meal my mom will cook so thank you for those!

Mixability: For this first day I jumped straight into 2 scoops right off the bat. Poured 20oz. of cold water into my shaker cup, threw in the two scoops, gave it a good shake for about 10-15 seconds and took a look at the bottle. Noted some “floaters” flying around and some foam had developed on the top akin to the head on a freshly poured mug of beer… I set my bottle down and went to put my shoes on and when I came back the foam was gone and it looked just like dark red Kool-Aid… no floaters, no foam, NO PROBLEM !

Taste/Smell: The taste was a mix between a cherry/fruit punch. Wasn’t too sweet or ‘chemical’ smelling. The taste was phenomenal. Easily drinkable. No problem chugging the whole thing down for this guy except that since this was my first go with it I let in linger in my mouth a bit so I could get a sense of the flavor. It does sort of remind me of the Red Kool-Aid except not as sweet. There is no tanginess to it at all. Kind of like a lower-in-sugar fruit punch drink. Some drinks can have a sharp blandness to them (NO-XPlod) and others can taste somewhat chalky (like Maximize v2) but this was nowhere near those. Something I’m going to look forward to drinking this month

During today’s workout I didn’t notice much at first. I’m very much used to pump product beverages especially those that incorporate beta-alanine. I always used to rely on the feeling of the “tingles” as an indicator that things were working. Origin is definitely a different animal. Last week before I was logging anything during my last BACK/BIS day I went through my sets like this: 135×10, 225×10, 275×8, 315×5, 350×1… now you may look at those #s and compare them to today and say “DJ your #s went down!” Well unfortunately with as much running as I’ve been doing this was expected… what WASN’T expected was that my rest periods in between sets went down. By A LOT. I remember last week transitioning between 275 and 315 and waiting almost 5 minutes before I finally felt ready to go again. Not today! Within one or two minutes my breathing and heartrate had come down to a point that I was ready to lift heavy **** again. Once I had moved on to my accessory moves another strange thing began to occur. I felt like I had gone into my own head and was more focused than usual… I remember doing the Lat Pulldowns and telling myself on each contraction in my head “LATS…. LATS… LATS… LATS…” making sure that I was focusing in on the muscle group that was doing the work and ensuring myself to give it my all and keep my form in good shape. The mind-muscle connection seems to be strong here !

After my workout I was in a bit of post-workout high. The endorphins were kicking. I had a few bouts of orthostatic hypertension (feeling like you are going to pass out going from a sitting to standing position) which wasn’t a bad thing… the drive into work I was super mellow and felt great. No lack of concentration. No crash. No soreness (lol yet).

This is just DAY 1…

Stay tuned,


Lecheek LOG Day 45: Back/Bis


Final day! Ended up going with Maximize Intense and a serving of Hemavol I received as a sample packet for my my preworkout today. This was the combination I was using way before I started this log and I must say that SpeedX3 is STILL my reigning preworkout champion. The pumps were good and the sweating was right on par with how I remember it but the focus factor was just not there!

I kept it light today and went for high reps and stretch/squeeze. Deadlifts were not done today. These are being moved to leg day which freed up today for all back/biceps. This entire workout was done 4XMM style so rests between sets were short and I moved fast in the gym!

LAT PULLDOWN: 70×15 100×12 140×10,7+3@125 125×10,10 NEGATIVE 75×10

ONE ARM DB ROW: 30×15 45×10 50×10,10,10

T-BAR ROW: 45×10,10,10,10

CLOSE GRIP PULLDOWN: 100×10,10,10,10

WIDE GRIP SEATED ROW: 70×10 75×10 90×10,10


LAT SHRUGS: Dipstation BWx20,10

HAMMER CURL: 35×10,10,7+3@30 30×10

STRAIGHT BAR CURL: 40×10,10,10,12

CABLE ISOLATION CURL: 20×10,10,10,12

Final Videos will be shot and posted Monday. It will be a two part review, one for SpeedX3 and another for MassHGH. Before/After pics will be put up around then as well.
Stay tuned,

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Lecheek LOG Day 38: Back/Bis


Lucky winner of the day for preworkout was MusclePharm’s Assault. I just played the mystery crane/claw game and stuck my hand in the bag of samples and whatever came out… thats what I took. Can’t say I was too impressed. Low energy, no focus, mediocre taste

DEADLIFT: 135×10 185×6 225×6 275×5 (felt heavy!) 315×3 350×1 185×6,7,6 135×10

UNDERHAND GRIP PULLDOWNSweight ea. hand 85×10,10,10,10 immediate dropset to…

LAT CABLE PULLDOWNS: 120×6 100×8 75×10 55×12 rapid succession between sets


ONE-ARM DB ROW55×10,10,10,7

BENT OVER ROW: 65×10,10,10,10 rest/pause for the stretch+squeeze with each rep 1:2:1 rhythm


LAT SHRUGS: Pull-up Station BWx12,16 Dip Station BWx20,10

HAMMER CURL45×8,5+3@40 40×8,8L/7R

INCLINE DB CURL: 25×8, 5+3@20 20×6,8 I thought my biceps were going to EXPLODE they were so pumped

STANDING DB CURL: 30×4 LOL nope the pump was too much… 15×10,10

Was happy about getting that 350×1 deadlift. I was scared because 275 felt SO heavy and I almost had trouble with the last 2 reps. 315 was a breeze so I knew it was time to test the waters. Felt great. Spent a helluva lot more time in the gym than I meant to because someone ended up chatting me up about my deadlift form because they wanted to see if they were doing it correctly. Kinda took me outta the zone but I like to be helpful.

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Lecheek LOG Day 29: Back/Bis


How about a few more PRs?

DEADLIFT: 135×10 185×6 225×5 275×5 300×4 315×3 185×5 135×5 no PR, but the first time I’ve gone into the 300s on deads since I hurt my back. I was actually only expecting to hit 315 for 1 but I guess I had more gas in the gastank

LAT PULLDOWN: 70×15 120×10,10,10,10 up 20lbs from last time

ONE ARM DB ROW: 30×12 50×8,8,8,10

BENT OVER ROW: 45×15 95×10,10,10,6 with the last set being rest/pause for the stretch/squeeze

SEATED ROW WIDE: 70×15,10 85×10,10 probably could have done without these… I prefer close grip more




PREACHER CURL: 45×10,10,10,12 record previously unset

Something to note: I took 2 scoops of SpeedX3 and I fear that I’m nearing the end of this tub. What I have noticed is that my body has already adjusted to two scoops and today was the first time I noticed that I did not feel any beta-alanine tingles or flushing. Not sure if thats because I went immediately into heavy deadlifting or what, but I did not feel those usual indicators that the preworkout was moving through my veins. The focus was definitely there though, laser sharp as ever. And the pumps were still just as ridiculous. I’ve noticed taking other beta alanine products that my senstivity to it eventually lessens to the point that I don’t feel the tingles so I’m not worried about it I just miss those sweet tingles!

About another 2.5weeks to go and this log will wrap up! Got a little bit more MassHGH to go through thanks to Marms and Lecheek!

Stay tuned,

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Lecheek LOG Day 20: Back/Bis

DAY 20: Back/Bis

My body has adjusted fully now to 2 scoops preworkout of SpeedX3. While this greatly benefits my workouts, it also makes me extremely sad that I will be going through my container much faster now! Time to order a backup! Took my 2 scoops and readied myself for some more deadlifting to see where I was at.

DEADLIFT: 45×10 warmup/stretch 135×10 185×10 225×8 250×5 275×3 Lifting 225 felt really heavy but once I changed to switch grip for 250 it was like the weight suddenly got lighter. 275 went up like a breeze. Time to approach the 300s next week. Back feels amazing and the belt has certainly been a huge help. Only downside to it is I keep leaving bruises on my hips from how tight it gets!

KNEELING UNDERHAND GRIP PULLDOWNS: (these replace normal Lat Pulldowns) 70×12,12 80×12,12 Weight in each hand. I looked at my notes and thought this weight skyrocketed because last week was 20,25,30,35 x 12 reps each set but I forgot to write down I was on a double-pulley system so it should have been weight x2. Oops! Each rep was squeeze/stretch following a 1:2:1 rhythm.

SEATED ROW CLOSE GRIP: 100×10,10,10,10 Jumped 25lbs since last week

BENT OVER ROWS: first attempt at these since I hurt myself 75×10,10,10,15 squeeze/stretch. Felt great.

STERNUM UPS: BWx3 superset to…

LAT SHRUGS NEUTRAL GRIP: BWx21 I want to do more sternum-ups/lat shrugs but was running out of time…

HAMMER CURLS: 40×10,10,10,10 Oomph!

CABLE ISOLATION CURL: 70×10,10,10,12 (again this was the double pulley that I forgot to x2 the weight from last week)

My back is in full swing. If I had more time I would have done a lot more in the gym today. In order to better facilitate my lifts I’m going to make tomorrow a HIIT day (should be Chest/Tris) because I would like to space Back/Bis and Chest/Tris away from each other. So my split schedule will be Chest+Tris/Legs/HIIT/Shoulders/Back+Bis/HIIT. Yeaaaaaa!

Feels good to be slinging weight again. Back injury? PFFFT BITCH PLEASE.

Lecheek Nutrition

Lecheek LOG Day 14: Back/Bis

Just realized that I’m at or around the midpoint for SpeedX3… MassHGH will be extended out just a little further than 30 days so plan on a midpoint review video of my thoughts on SpeedX3 to be coming sometime this weekend if I can manage it.

This was the first day I actually got to wear/break in my belt and I was really excited about it because it finally allowed me to get back to deadlifting. I was really apprehensive about even attempting to deadlift but my friend talked me into it and told me I should at least give it a shot and see how it feels. I unfortunately missed that famous “30 minutes prior to workout” pre-workout window on accident due to being stuck in traffic as well as filming my friend PRing his own deadlift. So the effects of SpeedX3 had partially dissipated before I finally got down to my own lifts… I ALMOST thought about throwing some in with my intraworkout but I left it at home. I still felt the tingles, flushing, and super pump effects though so it must stay in the system for a good while which I was happy with!

DEADLIFT: 135×10 225×5,5,5 felt really good to be doing these again… but 225 felt incredibly heavy

LAT PULLDOWNS: 100×10,10,10,10,10 PR for reps

HAMMERSTRENGTH ISO-LOW ROW: 45×10,10,10,10 my partner wanted to do these so I followed suit. Having never done them I thought they were OK but I would have preferred one-arm DB row instead. The machine didn’t allow me to get a good stretch and the positioning felt weird with my tall ass frame.

CLOSE GRIP SEATED ROW: 75×10,10,10,10

STERNUM-UPS: BWx4,3,3,3.5

LAT SHRUGS – DIP STATION: BWx20,15,13,16 I felt the DOMS from this big time… still do

HAMMERCURL: 40s x 10,10,8,6

INCLINE DB CURL: 25×10,8,7+20s x 2 20×8


Diesel Maxes Out His Deadlift

Hit up the gym yesterday for a little BACK/BI action with my good buddy Diesel. He ended up maxing out in the deadlift and wanted a video to prove it. Here he is shown deadlifting 540×1. This video is actually his second SUCCESSFUL attempt at this weight… having lifted it about 5 minutes prior to this but my camera decided to stop working mid-lift.

Nice work, Diesel Weasel!


Lecheek LOG Day 8: Back/Bis


No deadlifts… not rdy quite yet…

KNEELING UNDERHAND GRIP PULLDOWNS 20×12 25×12 30×12 35×12 (weight for each hand) then superset to…


ONE ARM DB ROW: 40×10,10,10,12

SEATED ROW: 55×10,10 70×10,10

T-BAR ROW: 45×10… stopped… too much pressure on lower back

“STERNUM” UPS: BWx3,3,3,3.5



CABLE ISOLATION CURL: 40×8 30×10,9,7

Stay tuned,


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