Lecheek LOG Day 33: Legs

2.5 scoops SpeedX3 20 minutes prior. One more dose remains!

BARBELL BACK SQUATS: 45×10 135×8 185×8 225×6 255×1 265×1

LEG PRESS: 95×10 215×10 305×10 395×10 485×6 No PR here… 485 was super heavy. I’ve PR‘d 535×6 before after doing a set of 485×8 but my legs were not having it today. Knees starting popping with each set and that freaked me out so I decided I had had enough!

GLUTE HAM RAISE: BWx10 +25×10 +35×10,10

SEATED CALF RAISE: 70×10 100×20,20,20,18

LEG EXTENSION: 4XMM 70x10warmup 100×10,10,10 felt too light so I switched to 115×12 for the last set

HAMSTRING CURLS: 80×10 125×8 140×8 95×12

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Lecheek LOG Day 26: Legs

BARBELL BACK SQUAT: 45×15 135×10 185×8 205×7 225×3 245×1 135×10 I would have attempted a PR at 255×1 but I didn’t have a squat and I didn’t see any “quality” spotters in my gym at the time

SEATED CALF RAISE4XMM 90×20,20,20,20

BARBELL FRONT SQUAT: 45×10 95×10 105×8 135×6 150×6 95×10 leg press machine was broken so I did these instead and was glad I did 

HAMSTRING CURLS: 75×15 4XMM 125×10,10,10,10

LEG EXTENSION: 55×15 4XMM 90×10,10,10,16

Ended the day with a 15 minute walk on the treadmill 3.2mph, 7.5% incline. Burned close to 200 cals. Sweat like made. Felt awesome.

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Lecheek LOG Day 17: LEGS


Comeback city baby. I told you guys I would be coming back with a vengeance. I threw down my 1.5 scoops of SpeedX3 about 15 minutes prior to getting into the gym. I walked back into the locker room, exchanged my flip flops I casually walked in with for my Nike Air Force Ones which are my go-to Deadlift/Squat shoes, threw my hoodie up, selected a good tune, and WENT TO ****ING WORK.

BARBELL BACK SQUATS: 45×10 95×10 135×10 185×10,10,10 PR

LEG PRESS: 215×10 305×10 355×10,10,10 PR 215×12 burnout with a 1 second pause at the bottom good lord my quads wanted to explode they were so engorged with blood

GLUTE-HAM RAISE: BWx10,10 BW+10lbsX10,10

SEATED CALF RAISE: 90×15 135×15,15,14,12 90×8

Left. Exhausted. Work. Done.

HELLO BOYS…. I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! (points if someone names this movie )

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Lecheek LOG Day 11: Legs

(Day 10 was rest)
Definitely wasn’t looking forward to today as it was lifting legs the last time that really messed me up. So I was cautious, listened to my body, and adjusted my routine as needed. Still a very productive day.

LEG EXTENSION (warmup): 65×3 I attempted to try this out and see how it felt and of all the exercises in the gym today this one was going to give me the most trouble. Even before my leg was fully extended I could feel my lower back start to pinch where I had hurt it two weeks ago. So I got up and said that it wasn’t for me… at least not this week. I’m not a big fan of them anyway!

LEG PRESS: No squatting today. 135×15 225×12,12 315×10,10,10,10,10 went for high volume instead of heavy weight. These were a bit interesting. The position felt comfortable and I didn’t feel anything unless I completely locked my legs out at the top of the press. When I did this I started to feel more of an uncomfortable pressure rather than any pain in my lower back… like something needed to pop. Do you guys pop your knuckles and get to the point where you can almost tell they need popped? Thats kind of what it felt like. In between each set I’d stand up and stretch out and tried desperately to pop my lower back but nothing worked!

SEATED CALF RAISE: 45×15 135×10,10,10,13 the BURNNNNN!

FRONT SQUAT: 45×10 just to see how it felt. Had I not done so much on the leg press I would have thrown in some more sets

HAMSTRING CURLS: 95×10,10,10,12

Walked on the treadmill at a 3.0mph pace with my hoodie up and at a 7.5% incline for 15 minutes. Felt real good. Best part is when I got home I didn’t have any back soreness or tightness at all!

Stay tuned,


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Widowmaker Squat Attempt

I want to say this right off the bat: I had only half-assed researched what was involved in this squat and only assumed it was 20 reps. I was not aware I needed to go heavy in the first set, rest, and then bang out 20 reps. Instead I just warmed up with light weight and went right into the 20 reps. So my apologies to all the DCers out there this was my first time attempting them anyway.

And if you are going to say 135lbs is light (and next time I need to go heavier)… I’m 6’9″ tall and my ROM is extremely long!!!

Please feel free to critique my form and let me know if you have other exercises you’d like to see performed!

Thanks for watching,