Protein Review: SAN’s RAWFUSION




So I received 2 sample pack trial sizes of SAN’s RAWFUSION to give a review on. I have seen this protein before and I’ve actually had a sample pack given to me when I visited the Arnold Classic a few years ago but it disappeared within my bag of goodies from that year and by the time I had found it it wasn’t really edible anymore. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had another opportunity to try it out! Now judging from just looking at the product labeling by itself we can already see that it is going to fit into a lot of food niches for people with particular dietary issues, dietary beliefs or allergies, etc. Completely bases itself off of plant proteins (which I must say is a first for me to try!). Gluten free. No dairy whatsoever. Non-GMO for those of you out there like to watch where your food comes from. Non-animal, hypo-allergenic (sometimes you never know whats in that protein blend you got from the smoothie bar at the gym), with great taste and easy digestion. All of that is fine and dandy but what I’m really concerned with when I review and taste test protein is a few things: how good is the taste really going to be, how does the macro profile breakdown look, how easy is it to mix up, and how much is it going to cost me. I’m usually looking for the highest amount of protein per serving for the least cost per serving without sacrificing the quality of the product.



So in one scoop we’ll get 21g of protein, 5g of carbs and practically no fat. That’s fine with me (but for those of you going low-to-no carb you might need to find another outlet such as Dymatize ISO-100). Amino acid profile looks great. I’d say a serving of 21g of protein per scoop is right near the average for other products I’ve tried (usual range is 15g-30g/serving). What I am initially concerned with is that although the label shows a checkmark for lower price, who knows how well that translates compared to other proteins. However after doing some research it looks like Rawfusion hovers around the 0.80cents/serving mark which is VERY good. Granted you can find other higher protein per serving products out there at a lower cost per serving, they don’t boast the added benefits that Rawfusion has slapped onto it’s label. The numbers look fine but how do they taste? And how does it mix?


MIX METHOD #1: Cup & Spoon – I would literally never recommend this method to anyone trying to get their protein fix. Yea it might be the fastest way to get it down but Rawfusion (like practially any other protein) didn’t fare well with mixing by a spoon. Left some huge chunks floating around and even after continued stirring did it finally break them down into smaller, swallowable size. Avoid!

MIX METHOD #2: Shaker (preferred) – Throw in one scoop of Rawfusion into about 10-12oz of water (or milk or whatever you prefer), close the lid and shake away. After about 15 seconds of vigorous shaking the protein shake was ready for consumption.

MIX METHOD ##: Blender – For those that lack a shaker cup or just really want to watch their protein spin around and turn into a completely homogeneous mixture then this method is for you.


After mixing up Rawfusion in my shaker cup, I took one sip for just to let it linger on the tongue (I usually just chug my shakes with reckless abandon). My samples were chocolate, and while the chocolate taste was there and was good, it was very short lived. Since Rawfusion is completely based off of plant protein, regardless of whatever flavor enhancers SAN added, they plant based flavor still breaks through and is definitely not a pleasant experience. It’s certainly not the worst product I’ve ever tried, but if you are looking for something that tastes great and has a good profile I’d say look elsewhere (Trutein, Ultimate Flurry, Gold Standard). Right after the choclatey taste wore off you get an aftertaste that is almost chemical in nature and very bland/chalky. I quickly tried drinking the rest of the shake in order to free myself from the planty sensation that I was now feeling even in my nostrils but it kept resurfacing. The aftertaste goes away after 30 seconds of so but I found myself scrambling to get some bottled water to rinse my mouth out with and wash everything down. The texture was very thick and foamy almost like trying to drink a half melted milkshake that had sat in a car in the sun for too long. Not too thin, not too thick but somewhat foamy. Not chunks or grittiness to it. While it wasn’t the best tasting thing in the world it was definitely drinkable. I did not notice myself having any stomach discomfort or burps afterwards. Very easy on the innards.



If your regular protein is giving you troubles or you suffer from some sort of dietary intolerance, I would definitely give SAN’s Rawfusion a chance. It’s cheap for the serving (and gets even cheaper per serving the bigger the tub you buy), its easy on the stomach, and if you can get past the aftertaste then you’ll have no issues drinking it down (may even taste better when mixed with milk)! The amino acid profile and the macro profile are well balanced. I would always like to see a little higher protein per serving content from my protein product, but from the other benefits of Rawfusion based on its profile I can’t complain! Considering it wasn’t made from any animal-based source, I’m impressed!

– DJ

Purus Labs THEATRIM Review



A few months ago I had commented on a Purus picture from their Facebook page and Purus had responded that it was time for “another DJBeanPole review.” At the time I simply laughed it off and hit the ‘like’ button and thought nothing of it until I came home from work one day and my wife told me I had received a package. Much to my surprise it was from Purus with their logo proudly displayed on even the shipping box itself! I had no idea what was waiting for me. Two products. One was BCAA XR, which will be reviewed later, and the other was this:


Theatrim? What in the world is that? Displayed above the product name on the label was “Beyond Caffeine” and underneath it read “Advanced Termolipolytic & Focal Analyst.” I had been out of the fat burner game for awhile and this was a welcome surprise. But most fat burners are just chock full of caffeine and mood enhancers that don’t really fall into the realm of an efficient and noticeable fat burner. Would Purus fall into the same rut as previous fat burners I’ve tried in the past?


As you can see from the picture nothing is proprietary (with exception to the caffeine blend). Everything is laid out for us which is nice. The dosage is 1-2 caps, max 2 a day, with food at least 4-6 hours apart. The caffeine blend totals 278mg containing a mixture of Dicaffeine Malate, TeaCrine and good ol’ caffeine. TeaCrine is touted as the flagship ingredient that makes THEATRIM stand out from other fatburners. According to the label there were human studies conducted on TeaCrine with positive results. When I started researching the ingredient, I found one study involving Teacrine that used humans for subjects (almost everything else was on mice/rats). While the results were positive (increased energy, reduced fatigue, improved concentration), the sample size of the study was extremely small (N=15) which makes me wonder how these results would be with a much larger testing base… and then not to knock on the actual product itself, but the study was funded (partially) by the maker’s of TeaCrine themselves…



That being said, the caffeine mixture is most like split out to 125mg dicaffeine malate, 100mg Teacrine and 50mg or so of regular caffeine. Thats my best guess. Moving on to the other ingredients is 250mcg of Vitamin B12. While B12 doesn’t really add to your energy, it will help convert food into usable energy while also supporting the production of our next ingredient, SAMe. SAMe comes dosed at 125mg. Essentially a mood booster (can elevate serotonin). 125mg of a “Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex” used here most likely for anti-inflammatory properties as well as improving circulation. 80mg of “White Willow Bark Extract,” another product used for its purported anti-inflammatory uses. I’m guessing that the previous two ingredients were included for the ability to give the user an enhanced sense of well being/mood enhancing properties. And lastly is one I’m sure many of us are familiar with: 500mcg of Rauwolfia Vomitoria. This one is a big stimulant and has become a placeholder for what was Yohimbine.



Theatrim comes in a yellow gel-coated capsule that is fairly easy to take down. Initially I took it with food, typically lunch, but as I got further into the bottle I started taking it by itself without food and didn’t suffer any detrimental effects (in fact it seemed to kick in faster… maybe mild stomach discomfort but nothing that lasted too long). At one point I was kind of doing an intermittent fasting/carb-backloading protocol and I would completely skip breakfast so in order to keep my energy levels up I’d pop a Theatrim as soon as I got to work. Now I don’t know about everyone but for me I typically find myself in that zombie absent minded fuzzy brain funk right after I eat my lunch. I’m not sure if its because suddenly my body is all about focusing on digestion and it needs extra blood from my brain or what but I would always get to the point where a nap sounded great right after lunch. Theatrim excels at ramping up your energy levels slowly and then maintaining that energy for a great while. I’d pop a cap with lunch and within about 30-60 minutes later (the window when I’m usually headbobbing in front of my desk trying to keep myself awake) I’d feel more awake and energetic and this feeling would continue to compound itself until I left work. I never had a crash associated with this energy boost and it felt very pleasant. I’m not exactly sure how much my mood was “enhanced.” I never felt super ‘happy-go-lucky’ or anything like that after taking it. The one thing I did notice was that my body temperature would rise like crazy right when the energy started to ramp up. Usually in the abdomen/stomach region, which would quickly spread to around my entire trunk/back and into my head. I didn’t turn into a lobster or anything like that with some previous fatburners I’ve taken that included high doses of niacin but I definitely felt like someone had turned my internal thermostat way up. So much so that, embarrassingly, I’d notice that I was forming pit stains underneath my arms and that small beads of sweat were starting to form on my head. Had to walk out of my office a few times just to get outside into a cold breeze to cool down. Is that a downside to this product? Not in the least… in fact its a testament to how effective of a thermogenic it is! As far as “fat burning” is concerned I was never really tracking any progress. As long as I got up everyday and liked what I saw in the mirror I knew I was on the right track. I wasn’t cutting/bulking during my time with Theatrim so I can’t attest to its ability to make you lose body fat. Instead, Theatrim is great for those of you looking for a mood boosting thermogenic that greatly increases your energy without letting you down when its over. Need a pick me up in the middle of afternoon? Looking for an alternative to your preworkout prior to cardio? Tired of always drinking coffee/energy drinks to wake yourself up? Theatrim is for you! Just make sure you’ve got some powerful deodorant on!


Two thumbs up from DJ!

Purus Labs
Buy Theatrim!

– DJ

Mind+Muscle WYKED 2.1 – Final Review

First and foremost let me explain that my mindset when it comes to reviewing any product is that the most important aspect is the effectiveness of that product above all other things. Previous reviews on products I’ve done in the past have had their downfalls due to different aspects but were eventually given a thumbs up/recommendation simply based on the effectiveness of the product itself. And as always, especially with preworkouts, your mileage may vary – things that work (or don’t work) for me may have the complete opposite effect for you.


WYKED 2.1 was a preworkout from Mind+Muscle that I was given to review and LOG at Anabolic Minds. Initally, from looking at the label I wasn’t too impressed. Some of the ingredients were underdosed and those that weren’t required nearly 3 scoops to even attain what I would consider to be beneficial dosages which in the long run causes you to burn through the tub faster (my desensitization to some of these things is on me!) Ingredient profile aside I decided to give WYKED 2.1 a run for the money. I started my preworkout routine like I do any other day: Grab a shaker cup, fill it up with about 16 oz. of water, throw in 2 full scoops of WYKED, shake it up and toss it back. First taste tests I usually take my time so that I can savor the flavor and get a feel for the taste… of which was absolutely god awful. There was no sweetness whatsoever, just marked bitterness that pierced the tastebuds right off the bat and remained long after I had painfully finished the whole bottle… and I mean painfully. It was to the point where I was pinching my nose just to get it to go down the flavor was that disgusting. Think of it as if you opened up 20 packets of Sweet’N’Low and drank that as your preworkout. Bland, bitter, horribly long lasting aftertaste. But I wasn’t going to have that be the downfall of WYKED as long as it proved itself in the gym. The flavor I could get over… the lack of effectiveness in the gym I could not.

Energy was hit or miss. It would either come on strong all at once and fizzle out/cause a crash, or it would come on gradually and linger but never peak to the point where I considered myself to be energized, in the zone, and laser focused. The first few times I took WYKED the pumps were absent to the point I had to supplement in my own standalone agmatine to get anything going. Don’t think you’ll be able to turn and look at yourself in the mirror and see veins popping up everywhere. The one thing WYKED consistently did was spark some thermogenesis to the point where I’d be stripping down layers during my warmups rather than after. I can’t say I’m surprised…


Looking at the profile I’d say the ingredients could use some tweaking… not all of them (beta alanine, creatine), just some of them. Maybe a bump in the amount per serving or replacing a few things here and there. Regardless, my results with this after about two weeks of use: No energy. No focus. No pumps. No endurance… did I even take a preworkout? While some of the ingredients here might be beneficial as a beginner-intermediate level lifter… for those of us looking for a bigger kick I recommend you look elsewhere. I attempted to try direct-to-mouth dosing and for awhile it worked but depending on how much water you used that terribly awful aftertaste would creep up and hang around. The tub itself even seems to suffer from some moisture problems. When I first opened the container things were looking great but two weeks into the log and I was having clumping issues and the granules were taking on the appearance of GMS to the likes of something such as Purus Labs NOXYGEN. I’m not sure if there was a silica packet in the container or not because I never got down into the tub far enough to find out.

I tried guys. I really tried to stick around and enjoy/use this product. I couldn’t get beyond the flavor… and couple that with my bad experience with effectiveness… this is one product I’m going to have to step away from.

– DJ

PROSUPPS HydeV2 vs. Mr. Hyde

PROSUPPS: Mr. Hyde vs. Hyde V2


Is one really better than the other?

Even when under the guise of a proprietary label which only had the caffeine contents somewhat documented I found myself benefiting more from HydeV2 than I did Mr. Hyde. However, it seems as though ProSupps has been shifting gears and is slowly phasing v2 out and replacing it with Mr. Hyde. While I’m somewhat disappointed with this I do appreciate the added transparency that comes with disclosure of supplement ingredient dosings.

Mr. Hyde vs Hyde v2

A comparison of ingredients found in ProSupps Mr. Hyde and Hyde v2.
IngredientMr. HydeHyde v2
Beta Alanine2500mg? prop blend
Creatine HCl1000mg? prop blend
L-Leucine500mg? prop blend
Agmatine Sulfate500mg? prop blend
L-Citrulline Malate500mg? prop blend
Caffeine Anhydrous300mg? prop blend
Caffeine Citrate50mg? prop blend
Dicaffeine Malate50mg? prop blend
Pikatropin50mg? prop blend
N-Methyl Tyramine50mgNot included
Hordenine50mgNot included
Yohimbe Bark Extract2mg? prop blend
Rauwolfia Vomitoria2mg? prop blend
Swertia Chirayita ExtractNot included? prop blend
Acacia RigidulaNot Included? prop blend
n-isopropyloctopamineNot Included? prop blend
Nobile OrchidNot Included? prop blend
N-phenylacetyl-L-prolygycine EENot Included? prop blend

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fatloss Stack: FINAL REVIEW


Unfortunately like all of my previous logs another one has finally reached its end. While many of you that follow me may be used to my preworkout sample reviews and/or logs in general I was finally relieved when I was able to log something else for a change and this was all thanks to the generosity of one Joshua Yeary, the CEO of Enhanced Body Formulations who sneakily pulled me aside on the internets and asked if I was willing to do a log/review for his 3 Fatloss Stack products: Recompadrol, Adipose Annihilation v2 & Metabolic Powder. I was more than happy to oblige because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect: I was just starting to get back into the gym after taking nearly two months off due to having a baby and I was really starting to get depressed about my own self body image and not liking the man I saw looking back at me. It was time to make a change and EBF helped motivate that decision.

If you haven’t researched the products you can find out more about the HERE

Start of log: 248.0 lbs
Heaviest gain: 260.0 lbs (+12.0 lbs)
Largest deficit: 243.6 lbs (-16.4 lbs)
End of log: 257.2 lbs (+9.8 lbs)









If I was given the choice of only being able to pick from 1 of these products to be used continuously from here on out then RECOMPADROL certainly wins that honor for me. The versatility of this product is what makes it stand out. RECOMPADROL can be used in any situation which extends its use out to practically all forms of fitness, from marathon runner, powerlifter, crossfitter or your “Couch to 5K” training initiate. Want to going on a dirty bulk? RECOMPADROL. Want to go on a lean bulk and only retain what you need from your macros? RECOMPADROL. Want to go on a cut? RECOMPADROL. Want to aim for RECOMPosition via increased fatloss (FATloss, not WEIGHTloss) while retaining the most muscle? HELLO RECOMPADROL (I mean come on its in the FREAKIN’ NAME)!

RECOMPADROL is essentially the crown jewel from Enhanced Body Formulations. Its main function is to serve as a glucose disposal agent (GDA) and it comes with a multitude of dosing options. To break down what I mean in terms of GDA, think of it this way: when you eat lots of food (carbs, fats, etc) your body responds to this bolus of food by having your pancreas secrete insulin. This insulin is there to counteract the body’s breakdown of your food into its simplest forms (a la sugar, aka glucose). The higher the glucose in the bloodstream, the harder the pancreas tries to work at creating more insulin. Insulin is good for us… AT THE RIGHT MOMENTS (insulin spiking postworkout, for example). RECOMPADROL has a way of mimicking insulin, causing the body to not have to produce as much, lowering the need for insulin which in turns results in a higher insulin sensitivity the next time you eat a high carb/sugary meal. This method is referred as “nutrient partioning.” Essentially RECOMPADROL takes anything you ingest, sorts the good from the bad, keeps the good and wastes the bad.


For myself I follow a “Eating Protocol” known as Carb-BackLoading (CBL). I won’t go into detail but on the days I’ve worked out my post-workout meals are massive carb fests full of quick-acting carbohydrates, sugary foods and complete abandonment to what would be considered SANE eating. You’ve probably seen the pictures. Whole pepperoni pizzas and sacks of breadsticks with cheesesauce devoured within minutes. Stacks of cookies, doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes, fruit snacks, POP TARTS, pop tarts, pop tarts… you name it and I was sucking it down like Hoover vacuum. Typically I’d be weary about eating these types of foods at this volume. If I was to down a pizza with a few bottles of beer I’d wake up in the morning a huge bloated mess. But taking RECOMPADROL beforehand changed all of that. Suddenly I’d find myself the next morning looking at my frazzled hair in the mirror feeling LESS BLOATED and LEANER than I was before I went to bed. You know that feeling you get from eating your Thanksgiving dinner and suddenly your pant size seems to have expanded 3x and you getting stupidly tired? RECOMPADROL eliminates all of this.

The dosing is simple and effective and can be used in a combination of ways. Each of the following I personally tried and all of them worked how I had hoped with the same out: feeling less guilty, not feeling that post-“gorging on bad food” bloat/tiredness and feeling leaner every successive day

  • 3 caps 30 minutes prior to a meal just with Recompadrol alone
  • 3 caps 30 minutes prior to a meal following 3 caps of AAv2 60 minutes prior to a meal
  • 1 cap every hour for grazing (think Superbowl/NYE/Wedding… a situation you won’t be eating a big meal all in one sitting but snacking for hours)



Where RECOMPADROL is aimed at blocking the bad things from being ingested and be transformed into adipose, ADIPOSE ANNIHILATION V2 (AAv2) is targetted at focus firing on the fat you already have while working in tandem with RECOMPADROL and METABOLIC POWDER to prevent further increase to that stubborn fat (think of AAV2 as the “fat burner” of the EBF family). The ingredient profile for AAV2 splits the product into 2 section: one to mobilizes the fat to get ready to be destroyed, and another to focus fire on that fat itself. The ingredients in the Fat Mobilization Complex help oxidize fat stores and get them used to turn that fat into scorched energy instead of relying on glycogen, and then the Annihilation Complex helps further incinerate fat (and reduce future fat stores) by boosting thermogenesis, regulating thyroid activity, and producing preferential glucose uptake.

So did it work? Well… to put it to the most scientific terms the real answer from me is “I don’t know.” If you REALLY wanted to look at that data I would have had to have traveled to downtown Indianapolis to NIFS (National Institute of Fitness & Sport), plopped myself into a BodPod and had my muscle mass and fat mass numbers taken both before and after this log which would have been costly. Or I could have done a water displacement test… which is also costly. The next closest thing I had available to me was a body fat impedance measurement from work. This machine works by “measuring the impedance of cellular tissue can be modeled as a resistor (representing the extracellular path) in parallel with a resistor and capacitor in series (representing the intracellular path).”

BODY FAT % @ END OF LOG: 14.7%
Results not entirely conclusive as these impedance machines can vary widely…

… however with being said I’m sure that something was happening because as I’ve said time and time again, without looking at the scale and without looking at the impedance numbers… when I looked at myself in the mirror I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE. If you want to check on your weight loss then by all means use your numbers, but if you want to check on your fat loss then you have to go by what you see looking across from you in the mirror. As I continually checked up on myself throughout this log I noticed that my stomach seemed to appear flatter, my arms and shoulders became larger and more rounded, my chest separation started to show more and my “love handle/spare tire” region around my waist has dissipated. You can see for yourself in the comparison pictures I’ll post below. And this was all with a steadily increasing bodyweight.


The only caveat I have with AAV2 which may affect some users is the post-effects after taking your dose. The typical dose for AAV2 is 3 caps 1 hour prior or 1 hour after a meal (on empty stomach). I tried both methods and preferred taking it before my meals rather than after. There is no “split up the caps” method here like I described above with RECOMPADROL. About 30 minutes prior to taking your 3 cap dose, especially if it was on an empty stomach, you may start to feel a slight burning sensation in your stomach/mid-region. This is NORMAL. To me this was an indication that the product was working much like the flushing effects/red skin of niacin or the tingly sensation of beta-alanine but for other this may be slightly disrupting to you and I can understand how it may be intolerable and annoying. I came to like this side effect and didn’t notice myself ever becoming used to the sensation UNLESS it was taken an hour after food at which point I had to set an alarm/keep an eye on the clock so I knew when the hour was up so I could get my eat on (or 30 minutes was up so I could pop my RECOMPADROL). When looking at the ingredient profile the only thing I can even remotely chalk this “side effect” up to would be the inclusion of ‘Capsaicium Annum Extract’ in the Annihilation Complex. So if you can sack up and get over that feeling of a burning sensation in your gut (that sometimes feels like hunger pains/reflux/heartburn) then you’ll be able to enjoy the spoils of the benefits that AAV2 has to offer otherwise I’d recommend post-meal dosing.

Now a little bird has told me that an ADIPOSE ANNIHILATION v3 is in the works and that they are working on the “burning stomach” sensation amongst other things to make AAv3 an even more potent and effective fat burner. When I know more, you’ll know more. Hell I might even get a chance to log it for all my followers here!



Of the 3 products I received from EBF, this one was definitely new to me. I had never heard of it before and had no idea what it did or how to take it. When I opened it up and took a whiff of the particles as they flew out of the tub I got the hint of something almost sweet it my nose. Raspberry even. Thats when I turned the label around and looked at the ingredients and was shocked to see that it only contained 2 ingredients, one of which was raspberry keytones (my nose is da real MVP). Raspberry keytones have long had a great foundation in prevention of high-fat-diet-induced elevation in body weight. Translation? Take some RK, eat a huge fatty/carb meal and don’t worry about gaining body weight… or if you do gain body weight don’t worry about it becoming fat that you are gaining. The second ingredient is HCA which we’ve already seen in RECOMPADROL.

You can dose MP in one of two ways… you can add it to foods you create in the kitchen or you can just shoot it straight. I’m not much for cooking in the kitchen so I took to the shooter method and experimented with a bunch of different dosing varieties:

  • 2 scoops 30 minutes prior to a meal (with RECOMPADROL)
  • 1-2 scoops preworkout
  • 1-2 scoops postworkout
  • 2 scoops intra-meal (usually taken RIGHT BEFORE I start eating)


I usually always dosed 2 scoops… and let me tell you about this scooper. THIS THING IS MINISCULE! I don’t think this tub of MP is EVER going to run out so it already gets my thumbs up for being cost effective (I must have seriously scooped out like 100 servings already). I would take 2 scoops and place them in about 4-6 oz. of water, stir it up with a spoon (or just straight drop it into my preworkout) and toss it back. Remember that sweet pungent aroma of raspberry I talked about before when I first opened the container? Well forget about any of that smell translating into the flavor. It’s hideous. Atrocious. The only thing I’ve been able to compare the taste with is what an ashtray would taste like if you were to pour some water into one and drink the contents… with that being said its short lived and isn’t anything you CAN’T swallow. Besides the benefits to it far outweigh the flavor and if you are that worried about it then just toss it back with some juice or an energy drink.

In the short run I didn’t notice any effects from the powder. No weird aftertaste. No problems 30min to an hour later. No sides effects whatsoever. What MP does so well is how it combines itself with the other two products to create these synergistic fatblocking and fatburning effects. And I’m living proof that they worked as you are about to see with my final bodyweight totals. I wasn’t sure what goal I was going after when I first started this log. I knew I wanted to lose some fat but we were heading into winter and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a straight cut. I certainly wasn’t planning for a bulk but wouldn’t have mind the strength translation. What ultimately occurred was a RECOMPOSITION of my bodyweight/fat/muscle. I slowly managed to increase my BODYWEIGHT while decreasing my BODYFAT. And it shows in the pictures! I wake up every morning FEELING BIGGER and LEANER but not being that fat powerlifter I was nearly 10 years ago. Thanks to EBF and their products this is the best I’ve ever felt in years and commend them for making products that actually work and sticking to their guns with tried and proven ingredients that actually work instead of fluff and empty promises delivered from other companies out their that make outrageous claims.

Carbs from delicacies like this are no match for EBF's RECOMPADROL!

You too can have your cake an eat it too with help from EBF!

I experimented with multiple dosings for the products and the first one listed is the one I used the most but the were all equally effective.

  • 3 caps Recompadrol, 3 caps AAv2, 2 scoops Metabolic Powder 30 minutes prior to cheat meal
  • 2 scoops Metabolic Powder preworkout, 3 caps AAv2 60 min prior to post-workout meal, 3 caps Recompadrol 30 min prior to post-workout meal
  • 3 caps AAv2 60 min prior to meal, 3 caps Recompadrol 30 min prior to meal, 2 scoops Metabolic prior immediately before meal
  • 3 caps Recompadrol prior to any meal where I had forgotten the other ingredients
  • 1 cap Recompadrol during grazing periods


I don’t rely on rating systems with my reviews but simply my opinion… that being said… 5 star company here dishing out 10/10 products that certainly get my TWO THUMBS UP!

Enhanced Body Formulations – you may have never heard of them until now. But they make outstanding products that deliver outstanding results. And I’m living proof.

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 43

DAY 43


257.8 (+9.8)


95 x 10

205 x 6,6,6,6

160 x 8
165 x 8
170 x 8
175 x 8

60s x 5
47.5s x 8
37.5s x 10

60 x 8 / 40 x 6
60 x 8 / 30 x 8

643 x 6,6,6,6

More to come on that with the final review…

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 41

DAY 41

PretzelBurgerA delicious Wendy’s Pretzel burger from last night helped fuel today’s workout!

Unknown – too excited to lift and forgot to weigh in

LILLIEBRIDGE METHOD C1W3 Heavy Squat/Light Deadlift Day

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3
255 x 2
275 x 1
305 x 8

135 x 3
225 x 3
255 x 3,3,3



Yesterday night’s cheatmeal (which certainly helped fuel this workout… all EBF prodcuts taken prior)
– Wendy’s Pretzel burger (double the beef)
– 2x Wendy’s Crispy Chicken Sandwiches
– 1 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger
– 1 Large Fry
– 1 Large Frosty

Today’s Lunch: Post workout “breakfast” Met-RX BIG Brownie, 1 blueberry bagel, 1 30g protein shake
Today’s Dinner: Will update when I get to it 😉

So far this workout cycle, eating style and combined supplementation via EBF has helped me push past not only records but also plateaus. I was completely surprised by today’s PR in the squat for reps at the weight of 305. I figured with 295 being the last session that getting at least 3-4 would be decent… but I had no idea I had this much in the tank to get to 8 FREAKIN’ REPS! I was so stoked and pump I probably scared people away after I yelled on that last rep… and the funny thing I felt like I may have had more in the tank. I was mentally at a disadvantage because I had no spotter so I wasn’t sure how confident I was going into the lift. EBF helped me store all the goods from my meal last night which had me waking up feeling LEANER than when I had gone to bed and then turned that fuel into a squat PR. What can I say the products are working.

Preworkout: 1 scoop STIMAHOLIC, 1 scoop ENDURATE, 1 scoop Metabolic Powder

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 39

DAY 39


256 (+8.0lbs)

LILLIEBRIDGE METHOD C1W3 – Squat/Deadlift Accessory

135 x 15
155 x 12
175 x 10
185 x 8
205 x 6

135 x 15,15,15,15,15

70 x 15,15,15,15,15 straight bar

65 x 15,15,15,15,15 ea. leg


Workout was done at 7AM and by the time lunch rolled around at work I was ready to eat my own leg. Work lunch was epic. Probably had 6-8 slices of pizza (from a pizza that had 16 slices in it), a piece of garlic bread and multiple pieces of chocolate… all after I had taken my EBF products of course. Since I pigged out so much at lunch I took it easy for dinner and ate two chicken breasts with some mixed veggies, jasmine rice and Sriacha sauce… and then snuck in a few nibbles of some Duncan Hines brownies! The supplements are about to run out so anticipate my final review coming any time!

– DJ