Athletix Shake Promo Contest: WeightGainer

Athletix is currently running a promo over at AnabolicMinds for a free bottle of Titanium XL! Out of 6 picked smoothies/shakes, only ONE can be crowned champion! There are 3 reps, each destined to choose 2 of their favorites before we all come together and decide on one. This is my first pick!

AaronJP1’s “WeightGainer”
Ingredient Profile:
1 banana
2 scoop of strawberries
1.5 hagan daaz butter pecan ice cream (or replaced, in my case with something similar)
2 scoops of protein powder (any)
2 squirts of honey
2 tbsp of raw sugar (I used dextrose)
Squirt of (or in this case 2 tbsp) wheat germ & vanilla extract
Ice that sucker & blend
I personally added a pinch of salt (lol yea right 500mg actually) and some milk for mixing


Second pick coming soon…