Lecheek LOG Day 12: Shoulders


SEATED DB SHOULDER PRESS: 30×15 50×10,10,10,10 (weight for ea. hand)

BARBELL OVERHEAD SHRUG: 45×10 55×25,25,25,20 traps SMOKED!

SCAPTION: 15×10 20×10,10,10 (weight for ea. hand)

REAR DELT FLYS – MACHINE: 115×10 130×10 145×10,10

FACE PULLS60×10,10,10,10 PR

PULLEY DELT RAISES: 20×8,8 up in weight from last week but down in reps

REAR DELT FLY – MACHINE: Negatives for burnout – 100×8,8

Note: Anything BOLDED represents a PR (personal record)!

Walked out of there TOASTED. SpeedX3 kicked in just like I thought it would during the seated DB shoulder presses. After the first two sets my shoulders felt like they were going to explode they were so pumped. On Nutraplanet’s website it describes SpeedX3 as giving you “LASER focus…” and well thats EXACTLY what it does. All I could think about was the weight and how it was working with my body. The mind-muscle connection is HUGE. My goofball workout partner kept saying **** to distract me and all I could see was myself moving the weight. It was like nothing else even existed outside of what I was doing. I don’t even remember hearing him I was that far into the zone. Fantastic stuff.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I may try to do some cardio… I’d like to see how it feels to start jogging again. If its too much I’ll just do the stationary bike or elevated walking on the treadmill. We shall see.

Stay tuned,


Lecheek Nutrition

Lecheek LOG Day 7: Shoulders


SEATED DB PRESS (w/ back support): 25sx10 4XMM 40sx10,10,10,10

OVERHEAD SHRUG: 45×25,25,15,25

SCAPTION4XMM 10sx10,10,10,20

READ DELT FLYS4XMM 5×10,10,10 8×15

FACE PULLS4XMM 30×10 40×10 50×10,15


Felt good to be back in the gym and at least work some accessory muscles. The back felt pretty good the whole time and didn’t give me much problem. I think I was more excited to get to drink SpeedX3 again. Out of all the preworkouts I’ve ever tried… and I’ve tried a lot… it is hands down the most flavorful one I have ever had. I will be switching to SpeedX3 permanently once this log ends. It’s that good. Shoulders felt great, huge pump towards the end of the workout with some DOMS the first two days after that I attribute more to time off than anything else.

Just feels good to get things going again.

Stay tuned, those days of PRs with each lifting day are bound to return once I get to 100%!



Note: 4XMM means 4X Mass Method. This involves finding a weight for the exercise you can do 15 reps with. Take that weight, and follow this timing:

Set 1: W x 10
Rest 30 Seconds
Set 2: W x 10
Rest 30 Seconds
Set 3: W x 10
Rest 30 Seconds
Set 4: W x To Failure

If you achieve greater than 10 reps in the last set, next time you do that exercise move up in weight. If you don’t then try to next time with the same weight until you can.