Molecular Nutrition TEST FACTOR Log Day 6


135×5 (sumo)
225×4 (sumo)
315×3 (sumo, knees started to hurt, switched to conventional)


185×8,8,8,8 (all deep/ATG)

BWx10,10,10,10 (hands behind head – I can’t add any weight to this because the GHR bench barely supports my height lol and adding weight puts too much pressure on the back of my knees)

15 minutes (5 sprint cycles) for about ~ 120 calories

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2 caps of Test Factor and in the background are 4 caps of X-Factor Advanced

BODYWEIGHT: 244.3lbs

So far so good! I’ve been continuing the dosing at 2 pills twice a day, once with breakfast and again with dinner (so usually 6AM and 6-8PM). Taking these pills with food hasn’t caused any stomach irritation or other GI discomfort problems. The sleeping issues I had described earlier were not related to TF at all and instead I chalk them up to 1) the new job and 2) my wife being pregnant who wakes up 3 times in the middle of the night to pee and 3) a little rat dog Yorkie that seems to enjoy jumping off the bed and returning five minutes later to scratch at the side of the bed so we can let him back up… only for him to jump off again half an hour later and repeat the process. Each time I have woken up in the past this week my mouth has been extremely dry so I’m trying to remedy that by drinking more water throughout the day but sometimes the offset of that is waking up to pee in the middle of the night. BW is staying relatively the same which was expected because I haven’t really tweaked my calories much. Strength is so-so at the moment. I felt GREAT during squats, but bench and deadlift had me scratching my head. I was disappointed earlier in the week with not being able to lock out a 290lbs floor press and I tweaked my back slightly doing deadlifts last night but it was tolerable and now I feel OK today with just the usual post-workout soreness. I have noticed some slight increase in vascularity which I can’t attribute to anything else besides TF which was kind of a surprise!

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