Molecular Nutrition TEST FACTOR Log Day 19


Took 2 TF with breakfast and hit the gym up around 6PM
PRE: 1 scoop Nitramine, 2 scoops NOXYGEN, 4 caps XFA

BAR x 5 (felt my left knee tweak but it was a non-issue)
135 x 5
225 x 4
265 x 3,3,3,3,3


BW+100 x 15,15,15 ea. leg (I prefer these to lunges)

135×50 (cannot return to rack until 50 reps have been completed)

So I went into the gym today with all intentions of having an amazing squat day. I’m not sure if its the new preworkout I’m taking (Nitramine) or what but I was just not with it at all today. The initial lift was good… all of the 265lbs squats felt fine (and surprisingly heavy). When I was doing my wide stance GMs I had a trainer come over and tell me my form was wrong and that I was going to hurt my back. I obliged him and performed the reps as he instructed… however this completely took the tensions away from my lower back and placed it all onto my hamstrings. After he walked away I performed my final set the way I had started but by this time my hamstrings were toast and I could literally feel the muscles micro-tearing as I performed each rep. Not sure if that was form, preworkout, dehydration or a combination of things but it did not feel pleasant and I immediately had concerns about the Oly squat challenge¬†! Step ups went fine (I prefer them over lunges because my tall has gets knee problems if I do too many lunges w/ too much weight). The rule for the Oly challenge is to not return to the rack until 50 reps are completely. I got to 25 before I had to give up. My heartrate was sky high and I was sweating profusely. I finished all 50 reps but not how I was supposed to and as light as 135 is its a mother for 50 reps.

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