Awakening From Hiatus

It’s been awhile. Perhaps too long… and now its time to pick things back up and get back on track. Some things have changed. The training, for starters, has become far more specific to powerlifting. The diet has been changed to where I am actually keeping track of what I’m eating. The supplements have also changed… as in there is hardly any (and this will be a topic I will cover much later). But the goals… they have gotten GREATER.

1) Bench over 300lbs
2) Squat over 405lbs (425lbs sounds nice)
3) Deadlift over 500lbs
4) Compete again (and destroy previous total of 1070)

Bodyweight: Fluctuating around 242lbs
Squat: 355
Bench: 275
Deadlift: 430

Those training numbers have all come up from as far as two weeks ago and they are still in process. And it’s just about to turn March… so I have a lot of time to work with.

Let’s get this done.

– DJ

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