C4W1D3 – Smashed Old PRs!

After two days (technically one, but Monday was GPP so not as intense) off I was really fired up to get into the gym tonight. Programming called for some heavy squats and bench for sets of 3 and I was ready to knock them out. Overall the night was a huge success!


325×3 @RPE6
345×3 (originally 340) @RPE8
360×3 (PR, video) @RPE9

235×3 @RPE 7.5
250×3 @RPE 8.5
260×3 (PR, video) @RPE10
275×2 (Slingshot)

Bodyweight for today weighed in at 239.8 – my weight has gone from steadily fluctuating around 242 to steadily decreasing even though I haven’t changed anything with my macros/calories. I think with the ramp up in intensity for the lifting that its time to also give myself a hefty bump in calories. I noticed looking back at MyFitnessPal that I was coming up short in the fat macro which is the has the most calories per gram so I have decided to increase my fat uptake slight to target 80-100g/day and bump carbs from 250g/day up to 275-300g/day and see how my weight dials in with these changes.

The weights today felt amazing. The second working set for squats felt heavy (345) but when I started my top set at 360 I knew that I probably could have handled 365. While I’m proud of myself for hitting 260×3 for bench the RPE was definitely at a 10 as you can see in the video so that will most likely adjust my working weights down slightly in the next two weeks of Cycle 4.

A solid session and it felt great.  Ran out of time for OHP so I’ll move that over to the next GPP day.

– DJ

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