Winter Bulking… Time To Get PHAT

But wait! Isn’t the point of a bulk to put on as much lean mass as possible? What do you mean getting PHAT? Fat? What?

PHAT is simply an abbreviation for what is known as Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training, and it is this training that I will be moving towards and has already started (I’ve actually already entered my second week of this training but I’ve been so busy I haven’t kept track on here like I meant to!)

In the simplest of terms, PHAT ultimately aims at increasing the hypertrophy involved within all the muscle groups in order to help stimulate more growth, more strength… more GAINS! I’m switching from my usual 4 day split to a 5 day split that involved heavy lifting days revolving around a compound movement for two days and explosive speed work based on the same compound movement for the other 3 days. The layout looks something like this:


On the upper body day I will being doing both a pulling movement for power as well as a pushing movement for power, aiming for heavy weight that I can 3-5 sets of at 3-5 reps. Everything else done on this day is purely auxiliary/assistance work done at a usual bodybuilding rep/set pace. For example on the upper body power day¬†for the pushing power movement I will be starting with barbell bench press, and for the pulling power movement I will be starting with bent over rows. The lower body power day only focuses on one power movement (squats, front squats, conventional deadlift). After a few weeks I will rotate the compound movements so I don’t stall/plateau on certain lifts and keep the muscles guessing!



On the hypertrophy days I will start out with whatever compound movement from the power day that it is associated with and work on only using 65-70% of the weight used during the power day but trying to achieve 6 sets of 3 reps at explosive speeds through the concentric part of the lift. Everything else done this day is simply assistance/auxiliary work.

Going into actual detail about the meat and potatoes of this type of lifting style would be a daunting task. However, if you are looking for more information on this lifting approach I suggest you read up on this article like I did and get yourself educated: Layne Norton Mega Feature: PHAT

The diet will remain the same from the Lecheek log. I am still currently in bulking mode and am looking to get up around 240-250lbs by the time this ends (looking as far foward as beginning of January). Macros are ~500c/100-120f/~250p aiming for up to 4000-4500 calories. Trying to keep it as clean as possible which on some days is just damn near impossible!

Are you confused!?! Its alright because I was at the start… just follow the log and hopefully things will get easier to understand! If you have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll get back with you (or you could always SUBSCRIBE!)


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