Genomyx ORIGIN Log Day 6: CHEST


This time I took 3 scoops of ORIGIN prior to my workout since I was pretty tired from working the night before and needed a little extra kick to get myself into the workout mood. I had such a high amount of energy that I didn’t want to leave the gym after my workout concluded… and I didn’t even want to go to bed when I got home but I had to force myself to relax (thanks, benadryl )

DB PULLOVER: 40x10WU 60×10,10,10 felt kinda easy so… 75×10

BARBELL INCLINE PRESS: 45x10WU 95×10 115×10 135×8 115×10

FLAT BENCH BARBELL PRESS: 45x10WU 135x10WU 155×10 175×8 155×9 (fail @ 10) 135×8 (fail @ 9)

HS CHEST PRESS: 100×10,10,10,10

INCLINE DB FLYS: 20s x10,10,10,10

MACHINE FLYS: 100×10,10,10,10

Needless to say my chest is sore as **** today. After the last of the pressing movements it didn’t even feel like I was lifting anything during the fly movements which made me kind of upset because I didn’t feel like I was working anything. Woke up today realizing that just because you don’t get a pump from the workout doesn’t mean you aren’t activating the fibers lol. ORIGIN did its job again today at giving me great focus, drive, and maintaining my intensity. Rest periods were incredibly short. I had a partner lifting with me today so whenever he finished his set (of the same reps I was doing) we’d switch places. We got out of there just a little over an hour. Quick, effective workout.

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