Genomyx ORIGIN Log Day 7: BACK


I was super psyched to get into the gym today and give this workout a go! Woke up and shot straight out of bed I was that excited! Although I didn’t post it here because I didn’t take ORIGIN prior, I did run 6 miles yesterday which happened out of the blue so I didn’t want to do anything that involved the legs whatsoever today. I took 2.5 scoops of ORIGIN before working out and the workout was epic (at least for me). Focus was strong… perhaps TOO strong My workout partner today remarked on how although he didn’t like coming to the gym when it is crowded, he didn’t mind the plethora of hot women to look at to which I responded to him with “what hot women?” I didn’t notice anyone else in the gym besides myself and the weights I was moving. He blamed it on “marriage goggles.” I blamed it on ORIGIN Even right now as I’m typing this I can still feel the energy surging through me. Nice and smooth and I know I’m not in for a crash later!

SUPERSET WARMUP 1: PULLUPS/DIPS: All sets used bodyweight, no rest periods 1) 6P/15D 2) 5P/10D 3) 3P/8D 4) 2P/6D

SUPERSET WARMUP 2: UPRIGHT ROW/REAR DELT FLY/RDF MACHINE: 1) 10×70,10×15,10×100 2) 10×70,10×15,10×100 3) 10×85, 10×15,10×100 4) 10×100,10×15,10×100

STANDING LAT PULLOVER: 40×10,10,10,10 (these were new to me and very enjoyable but my height limited the stretch I could get since the weights would return to the stack before I was fully stretched )

LAT PULLDOWN: 85×10 70×10,10 100×10

BENT OVER ROW: 95×10 75×10,10 85×10

SEATED ROWS – WIDE: 55×10,10,10 70×10

SEATED ROWS – NARROW: 85×10 80×10,10 100×10

ONE-ARM DB ROWS: 30×10,10,10 40×10

RACK PULLS: 135×10 225×10 315×8 275×10,10 185×10

Low weight, volume, stretch and squeeze were all the name of the game today. I miss the “pump” I used to feel taking other preworkouts on a day like this but just because it isn’t there doesn’t mean nothing happened… I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel plenty sore. This workout lasted around 1.5hrs today and ORIGIN kept me going and kept me focused the entire freaking time. I’m still in the zone now. Maybe I’ll do some abs


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