Genomyx ORIGIN Log Day 8: ARMS


So much for not feeling that back workout yesterday during the workout… woke up today sore as ****! Something must have been working! Slept great and woke up ready to get back into the gym. I wanted to do shoulders but since I hit some of that during yesterdays back workout I decided to hold off and do arms instead. Threw down 2 scoops of ORIGIN and headed for the gym.

WRIST CURLS: 40×20 60×20,20,20 (prev. 60×20,20,15)

REVERSE CURLS: 20×20 50×10+40×10 40×20,20 (each set 10 reps wrists tilted down/10 reps wrists tilted up)

HAMMER CURLS: 20×15 25×15,15,15,15 (wt. ea. hand… up since last time )

TRICEP PUSHDOWN: 45×20,20,20,20 (10 reps underhand/10 reps overhand)

OVERHEAD DB EXTENSION: 30×20,20,20 35×20 (may have to rotate this with skullcrushers since I don’t feel it as much as I think I should)

CLOSE GRIP BENCHPRESS: 75×15,15,15,15 (still not sure about these… I still feel it in my chest? Maybe I need to go more narrow)

STRAIGHT BAR CURL: 40×20,20 40×10+30×10 30×20

INCLINE DB CURL: 15×10+10×10 10×20


I’m not sure what I would be doing if I wasn’t working with this much volume because ORIGIN gives me energy for DAYS. Although next week I will be switching the rep counts lower and working with some heavier weights for this workout. I have always responded very well to the low weight/high rep scheme (although feeling like I get some strange looks in the gym for lifting what appears to be extremely light weight :\) but I’d like to switch it up every once in awhile and get back the medium/heavy weights and keep the muscles guessing. Due to the fact that I’m currently training for the mini-marathon I’ve decided to take my leg workout out completely. It’s difficult to lift legs and then try and run long distances the following or a few days following that routine. So for now my split has become: CHEST/BACK/ARMS/SHOULDERS with cardio around 3-4x a week. I’ve really been enjoying my new routine right now and hope to see results in the mirror…


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