Having been a fan of the original Erase when I was given the opportunity to review Erase Pro I went in with high expecatations. Erase Pro is essentially Erase with some extra added goodies and whopping 75mg (a full 3 pill a day dose of Erase) and I couldn’t wait to see the results. PES supplied me with a full bottle… and after I was 3 weeks in I was so thrilled with not only what I was seeing in the mirror but at how I was feeling that I decided to purchase my own bottle out of pocket and extend the 4 week period to a full 8 week run. 8 weeks of Erase Pro really shows the extent of what this AI is really capable of and right off the bat I’d like to say that this is what I’d recommend everyone run it for.

Erase Pro comes bottled with 30 pills that are capped at a much larger size compared to Erase and with a unique blue color. These are gel caps and I had no problem swallowing them down, even when they were taken alongside one pill of Anabeta Elite, 3 pills of Beta Alanine, and 3 pills of Orange Triad. For this 8 week run I ceased using fish oil because I had begun experimenting with the effects of ArA, GMS, and PES Enhanced as a preworkout.


I did not notice much happening within the first two weeks. I noticed that I was urinating more often but I was also drinking more water due to preparation for a half marathon. Even due to my increased food/water intake, I did not notice any bloating… in fact I started to notice a distinct “dry” look to myself in the mirror, especially upon waking up. Through the 8 weeks my waistline actually shrunk by about 1.5″, the V-taper of the lower abs began to pop, the top abs and obliques began to show more and I noticed a hardening effect similar to what felt like excess water leaving my system. Most of you are probably assuming I had joint issues (which did plague me after a few weeks use of OG Erase) but to my surprise (even with lack of fish oil!) I had absolutely NONE! I was weight training 2-3x a week and running increasingly greater distances 3-4x a week and did not suffer from joint pain once. My libido even seemed to skyrocket the further in to the cycle I got… particularly the last 2 weeks. Woke up “excited” consistently. My strength even increased the further into my cycle (partially in part to Anabeta Elite) and my mood was constantly elevated!

Long story short, Erase Pro works… and it works WELL. It leaned me out, increased my libido, bumped up my strength and when combined with Anabeta Elite I managed to put on 11lbs throughout half-marathon training (in which I was expecting to LOSE weight)!

Kick ass job PES… this is OTC AI I will always use from now on. Can’t wait to cycle this again!

Get Erase Pro!

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