Formutech Nutrition’s LEVEL II – Final Review


Alllll right. You guys asked for it. So here it is. The final review. Now I’ve never been the type of logger that goes through and gives out points based on categories for things such as taste, mixability, effects, etc. I feel like when reviews become this subjective the only way to truly evaluate them is to narrate my feelings based upon my perceived observations while taking such a supplement. So don’t expect me to say 4.6/5 here and 10/10 there etc. You’ll have to do some reading¬†

In comparison to both Lecheek Nutrition’s Ripped Cocktail and PES’s Alphamine, my views are going to be a little skewed. I have run full containers of both of those supplements whereas Level II was only a sample trial. So I can’t actually say how well Level II would have done in the long run compared to these other fat burning powders!

Level II is fantastic at doing a few things!

1) It will backhand slap the **** out of you within about 5 minutes of taking it. I took it each morning before getting ready to go to work. My dosings (as you’ll see further into this review) went up the deeper I got into this log but the effect was also the same (only becoming more long lasting with a greater dose). I would either pour a scoopful directly into a glass with water and mix it, or I’d open a water bottle, drink a little bit out to make run for Level II, and then pour Level II onto a piece of paper, form a funnel, and dump it in. In both instances by the time almost 5 minutes had gone by I found myself vigorously brushing my teeth to no end because I was concentrating so hard on brushing my teeth. It wakes you up, locks in your focus, and makes you feel ready to tackle the day.

2) It mixes well. It goes down well. It’ll make you look forward to tomorrow just so you can take it again. In both instances of mixing, only when I dropped the scoop into a glass of water did I really run into any type of snag. If you follow that method the powder just floats gently on the top of the water waiting for you to put a spoon in and stir it up. If you are drinking from a glass you will notice that some of the powder will stick to the side of your cup as the volume gets less and less. Just throw in a bit more water, swish it around, and problem solved.

3) You will be awake, alert, and energized for HOURS after you’ve taken it. My typical work day consists of a diet mountain dew on the way in to work. A few squirts of MIO energy after breakfast and lunch, and then depending on how I feel maybe some more MIO before the drive home. When I took Level II I never felt the need to take in any more caffeine because the energy high stuck with me for my entire work day… which is a straight 12.5 hours. This did not disturb my sleep patterns because I only dosed once at 5AM (one day I did two dosings… more on that) however I would recommend not taking this anywhere NEAR your bedtime or you’ll be up all night wanting to collate files or something.

4) You won’t want to eat. EVER. Level II straight knocks the appetite right out of you and it doesn’t return. Now I’ve taught myself to eat on a schedule and when a certain time rolls around I know it means time to eat. However with Level II I had to force myself to eat… not because I was hungry, but because I need to maintain my caloric input so I can stay at the size I am right now! This supplement would be especially welcome for someone that does Intermittent Fasting (LeanGains) protocol!

5) Dosages for me were as follows: Initially for the first few days I only took 1 scoop in the morning. Then I branched out and tried to take 2 scoops in the morning but I had an over-stimulated effect and decided to pull back my dose after that. I ended up finding a happy place at 1.5 scoops and on my last day I took 1.5 scoops in the morning and 0.5 scoops at night. Same great effects as you’ve read above and no issues with sleeping!

So how does this compare to Alphamine and Ripped Cocktail? If any of you have read my Ripped Cocktail log I came to the conclusion that RC would be better if it were combined with other fat burners because I didn’t feel as though it packed a powerful enough punch on its own. I think, depending on the synergistic ingredients within the unknown Level II label… that Level II would perfectly compliment RC if one were so inclined.

The real showdown is between Alphamine and Level II. Level II takes the early lead with the kick-in effect time. Alphamine slowly builds up after dosing whereas Level II is right up in your face almost minutes after taking it. So if you are needing something that brings you the energy nice and fast without waiting and you need to be wide awake within minutes then Level II is what you want. Both Alphamine and Level II are equally great and causing appetite suppression, long lasting energy, and fat loss… I guess the real conclusion would be its up to you to decide which one you’d rather use based on flavoring!

TL;DR: Level II is going to bring some big competition to the fat burner powder playing field. With a great flavor, easy mixability, and quick/long lasting effects including energy and appetite suppression, if fat loss is you game then Level II is definitely something you should consider adding to your supplement arsenal.


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  1. tyler werner says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to try this out!

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