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My New HOMEBREW Preworkout!

By homebrew I mean I pieced it together myself rather than relying on a propietary blend from a supplement company! While sometimes those can be great (did you check out my Lecheek log?) I really wanted to throw some things together and see how they benefit me and this new lifting style I’m getting into.


6g of SNS Citrulline Malate
1.5-2g SNS Agmatine
1.5g-2g Molecular Nutrition X-Factor
2g SNS Creatinol-O-Phosphate
2 caps PES Anabeta Elite
1 scoop Athletix Formula-X
4 scoops Controlled Labs GlycerGrow

Formula-X & Agmatine will continue to be taken on off days. Anabeta Elite will continue to be taken on off days (4 caps/day for both ON and OFF days, just different timings based on the day). Should I feel the need to add in some caffeine I will either do so via MIO energy water flavoring or by popping a 200mg caffeine tab. Even if I decide to not need a caffeine boost I will probably be adding in just the regular MIO flavorings because this preworkout really lacks in the flavor department!