How I Warm Up For The Squat & Deadlift

Dynamic stretching prior to any lifting session. Quick: Usually takes about 10 minutes tops. Simple: Easy repetitive movements aimed at warming up the target muscles and preparing for load. Here’s what I do almost religiously prior to a squat or deadlift session:


10x Knee-Ups (per leg)
10x Side Leg-Raises (per leg)
10x Toes Out calf raises
10x Toes Forward calf raises
10x Toes In calf raises
20x Ankle Rolls (per leg, 10 clockwise, 10 counter-clockwise)
10x Weightless SLDL
10x Side Bends (per side)
20x Hip Circles (10 in both directions, imagine a hula hoop)
10x 90-degree Hip Openers (per side)
10x Cat-Camels
10x Side-To-Sides
10x On Your Belly Alternating Toes to Hands Stretch
10-second Upward Dog Hold
10x Bodyweight Squats (not shown)


10x SLDLs
10x Barbell Rows
10x Hanging Cleans
10x Overhead Press
10x Good Mornings
10x Squats
10x leg swings side to side (per leg)
10x leg swings (front to back)

If there is enough interest I’ll try and piece one together for my warmups for the benchpress and overhead press as well!