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Mind+Muscle WYKED 2.1 – Final Review

First and foremost let me explain that my mindset when it comes to reviewing any product is that the most important aspect is the effectiveness of that product above all other things. Previous reviews on products I’ve done in the past have had their downfalls due to different aspects but were eventually given a thumbs up/recommendation simply based on the effectiveness of the product itself. And as always, especially with preworkouts, your mileage may vary – things that work (or don’t work) for me may have the complete opposite effect for you.


WYKED 2.1 was a preworkout from Mind+Muscle that I was given to review and LOG at Anabolic Minds. Initally, from looking at the label I wasn’t too impressed. Some of the ingredients were underdosed and those that weren’t required nearly 3 scoops to even attain what I would consider to be beneficial dosages which in the long run causes you to burn through the tub faster (my desensitization to some of these things is on me!) Ingredient profile aside I decided to give WYKED 2.1 a run for the money. I started my preworkout routine like I do any other day: Grab a shaker cup, fill it up with about 16 oz. of water, throw in 2 full scoops of WYKED, shake it up and toss it back. First taste tests I usually take my time so that I can savor the flavor and get a feel for the taste… of which was absolutely god awful. There was no sweetness whatsoever, just marked bitterness that pierced the tastebuds right off the bat and remained long after I had painfully finished the whole bottle… and I mean painfully. It was to the point where I was pinching my nose just to get it to go down the flavor was that disgusting. Think of it as if you opened up 20 packets of Sweet’N’Low and drank that as your preworkout. Bland, bitter, horribly long lasting aftertaste. But I wasn’t going to have that be the downfall of WYKED as long as it proved itself in the gym. The flavor I could get over… the lack of effectiveness in the gym I could not.

Energy was hit or miss. It would either come on strong all at once and fizzle out/cause a crash, or it would come on gradually and linger but never peak to the point where I considered myself to be energized, in the zone, and laser focused. The first few times I took WYKED the pumps were absent to the point I had to supplement in my own standalone agmatine to get anything going. Don’t think you’ll be able to turn and look at yourself in the mirror and see veins popping up everywhere. The one thing WYKED consistently did was spark some thermogenesis to the point where I’d be stripping down layers during my warmups rather than after. I can’t say I’m surprised…


Looking at the profile I’d say the ingredients could use some tweaking… not all of them (beta alanine, creatine), just some of them. Maybe a bump in the amount per serving or replacing a few things here and there. Regardless, my results with this after about two weeks of use: No energy. No focus. No pumps. No endurance… did I even take a preworkout? While some of the ingredients here might be beneficial as a beginner-intermediate level lifter… for those of us looking for a bigger kick I recommend you look elsewhere. I attempted to try direct-to-mouth dosing and for awhile it worked but depending on how much water you used that terribly awful aftertaste would creep up and hang around. The tub itself even seems to suffer from some moisture problems. When I first opened the container things were looking great but two weeks into the log and I was having clumping issues and the granules were taking on the appearance of GMS to the likes of something such as Purus Labs NOXYGEN. I’m not sure if there was a silica packet in the container or not because I never got down into the tub far enough to find out.

I tried guys. I really tried to stick around and enjoy/use this product. I couldn’t get beyond the flavor… and couple that with my bad experience with effectiveness… this is one product I’m going to have to step away from.

– DJ

PROSUPPS HydeV2 vs. Mr. Hyde

PROSUPPS: Mr. Hyde vs. Hyde V2


Is one really better than the other?

Even when under the guise of a proprietary label which only had the caffeine contents somewhat documented I found myself benefiting more from HydeV2 than I did Mr. Hyde. However, it seems as though ProSupps has been shifting gears and is slowly phasing v2 out and replacing it with Mr. Hyde. While I’m somewhat disappointed with this I do appreciate the added transparency that comes with disclosure of supplement ingredient dosings.

Mr. Hyde vs Hyde v2

A comparison of ingredients found in ProSupps Mr. Hyde and Hyde v2.
IngredientMr. HydeHyde v2
Beta Alanine2500mg? prop blend
Creatine HCl1000mg? prop blend
L-Leucine500mg? prop blend
Agmatine Sulfate500mg? prop blend
L-Citrulline Malate500mg? prop blend
Caffeine Anhydrous300mg? prop blend
Caffeine Citrate50mg? prop blend
Dicaffeine Malate50mg? prop blend
Pikatropin50mg? prop blend
N-Methyl Tyramine50mgNot included
Hordenine50mgNot included
Yohimbe Bark Extract2mg? prop blend
Rauwolfia Vomitoria2mg? prop blend
Swertia Chirayita ExtractNot included? prop blend
Acacia RigidulaNot Included? prop blend
n-isopropyloctopamineNot Included? prop blend
Nobile OrchidNot Included? prop blend
N-phenylacetyl-L-prolygycine EENot Included? prop blend

In Review: Myokem’s Preworkout – NITRAMINE


When I first given the opportunity to review Myokem’s Nitramine from the one and only SUPPTALK (information at the end of the article!) my interested was definitely piqued! I had never heard of Myokem before and I generally enjoy the “littler guys” because of the innovation and attention to detail they seem to put into their products rather than investing a big chunk of their profits towards marketing and advertisements. Because of this however most people, like myself, don’t hear of companies like this unless its either from a fellow gym rat or from a bodybuilding/powerlifting internet forum. The second reason I was excited to try Nitramine was because the profile was definitely a gamechanger and brought together a plethora of ingredients at correct and beneficial dosages.

At two scoops the ingredients in the “VasoPlasmic Power Matrix really shine and would be the most beneficial. Thats 4g of betaine (I like to shoot for around 5g a day split into two doses so for some you this may be too much at once and can cause some gastric issues for those not used to introducing that much betaine into your system at once. It may be easier to take one scoop preworkout… and one scoop intra… or just take one scoop as you’ll see later on), 3.2g of beta alanine which for now is the sweet spot but more recent research is showing that nearly twice that much may be appropriate now for increased carsonine levels… 2g of LCLT and a nice 1g addition of agmatine for DA PUMPS (agmatine pumps will vary for each user ranging from 0.5-1.5g to achieve maximal results… usually anything greater than 1.5g is at the point of diminishing returns and you won’t notice any difference).

The High Energy Matrix has quite a few crazy things thrown into it and unfortunately its done so in a prop blend. While many people are discouraged from prop blends I for one and a proponent for them because it helps protect the company’s IP and reduces the amount of  copy cat products. There are a TON of stimulants thrown in here, starting with caffeine (a nice 150mg 1 scoop serving or 300mg bullseye for those brave enough to reach 2 scoop territory). Some of the included stimulants from the energy mix include a few ingredients that can parallel with both a energy boosting effect as well as a fat burning niche. We also have some mood altering products here and mood boosters. A bunch of good things all thrown into the mix… but do they mix well? And how effective are they and at what doses? Hence the downside to a prop blend…


The first time I took nitramine was only with one scoop. The flavor labeled on the front of the product was Dragon Fruit and I was immediately shocked to see that not only did this smell great and taste amazing but it is a flavor that I’ve never seen in any other company’s products and it completely stood out from the overused Fruit Punches and Blue Razzes. Went down nice and smooth with a little splash of sweetness and reminded me slightly of a pina colada. If I had to compare to a competitor I’d have to go with Purus Lab’s Island Punch Condense. Very refreshing. Within a few minutes of downing my drink (one scoop mixed with 16oz. of water) I felt the beta alanine tingles kick in and the flushing effect began in my face and chest!

My typical workout time in the gym (when I reviewed this) was averaging around 2 hours. That includes stretching, warming up, weight lifting and cardio. My first time taking (JUST ONE SCOOP!) of Nitramine was CRAZY. It was chest/tricep day and one of my more grueling days in the gym. Slated for a duration of about an hour and a half. Through the use of Nitramine I was able to get everything done in half that time and that fact right there blew my mind away! The energy from one scoop was unparalleled by anything I’ve ever tried in the past! Right after I was done warming up I was locked in and in the zone. I couldn’t even hear the music I had blasting in my earbuds because I was so in tune with the mind-muscle connection. Load up, lift, squeeze, stretch, squeeze, rack. At this point I usually sit there and try to catch my breath, dick around on my phone, look at the clock, check myself out in the mirror, check girls out in the mirror… not with Nitramine. It was rack, pop up, add weight, lay down, a few breaths, go back at it. My rest period times were cut DRAMATICALLY and there was a huge boost to my endurance and energy. I was bouncing around from one stations to the next without missing a beat. Increased sweating that did not interfere with the workout. Very thermogenic. No energy crash afterwards but a nice gentle mood relaxer.

And that was the only time I ever felt this effect.

All subsequent workouts from this point onward were awful. Overstimulated, amped out, cracked out. Couldn’t focus. Hard time recovering from sets. Breathing heavy with even the simplest of exercises. Burning in the lungs like I had just ran a half marathon. Increased rest periods beyond my 2 minute baseline. Hard to focus on my goals and objectives. Found myself losing track of time often. The worst part for me essentially was the combination of lack of endurance, huge increase in sweating and the heavy mouth breathing that was done after doing some simple things like bent over rows. And I’m not talking about hand on the hips breathing hard trying to recover. I’m talking “I’m about to pass out I need to rest against the wall or put myself in the tripod position to even continue.” It was awful. I felt like a nicotine addict that was going through withdrawal. Nothing was working and nothing clicked. I can’t even review for you how 2 scoops went because I was scared to dose it that high. Nitramine was too much for me. Was the first time I ever dosed it a fluke? I even tried taking a stim break from Nitramine for a week and went back to it with trying to take half a scoop and again all the same negative effects crept back. I got halfway through the whole tub before I pitched it and called it quits.


Obviously with preworkouts your mileage may vary. All the ingredients may effect everyone else differently. If all the workouts could have gone as well as the first one I would have said this is the preworkout you want… no, that you NEED to have in your arsenal. But it didn’t go that way and I can’t get behind a product that continually let me down. If it was me I’d tell you to avoid this one at all costs and try to find something out there better for you. Or try it a few times. If you feel the same as I did then you’ll know its time to stop. I’m sure there are some people out there that are like what the hell are you talking about my workouts feel like the first you had EVERY TIME. I’m glad for you but thats just not the case for me. The flavor was great, the profile was beefy and refreshing but ultimately I was let down.

Big thanks to SUPPTALK for allowing me the opportunity to review this product for you! I hope to do more reviews in the future with a much more positive outlook ;)!

Find all your supplements needs here, at!

– DJ

AI Sports MANIAC Preworkout Review 2.0!

Having previously reviewed AI Sports Maniac (Cherry Limeade… Pink Lemonade this time!) once over already I decided to give it another try. Unfortunately I was supposed to take Maniac with AI Sports other product, Turbo Shot, halfway through my workout but forgot! But don’t worry I’ll be doing a review of Turbo Shot shortly! ENJOY!


YMMV with any supplement including preworkouts and your results may not reflect my own.

SAN Fierce Domination Preworkout REVIEW!

Fierce Domination:
SAN Website:

Please note: This review is just my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the type of reaction/response that you may have to said supplement. Preworkouts especially are very “YMMV.”