DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log DAY 1


Before we get into the beginning intro let me cover some groundwork so that you all that will be following along can see a starting point for myself as well as a plan for how this is all going to work out.


At the moment it will be 3 days a week based on home life/work schedule. Typical days are Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Having two days off in between Sun-Wed and Wed-Sat is beneficial for the type of “dieting” plan I’m setting myself up for. More on that later.

Training is powerlifting oriented. In the past I’ve done things such as Starting Strength, 5/3/1, CUBE & Sheiko. I have since moved on to a Russian themed program called Smolov, a high volume low rep progressive overload styling which typically follows a “squat 4x/week” mentality but I took that same way of thinking and decided for this go-around to apply it to benchpress instead. Here is how it works:

– Take one month to complete a cycle
– Lifts are based off of %s of a max lift
– %s increase with each subsequent week
– As the cycle progresses the weight increases, the sets increase but the reps go down
– Week 4 tests a new benchpress max
– Week 5 resets a new cycle with +5lbs to upperbody lifts and +10lbs to lower body lifts (exception being whatever new max I set for benchpress)
– A typical setup:

WEEK 1: 6 sets X 6 reps @ 70% max
WEEK 2: 7 sets X 5 reps @ 75% max
WEEK 3: 8 sets X 4 reps @ 80% max
WEEK 4: 10 sets X 3 reps @ 85% max

The only exception is within each day I go to lift I’m always doing bench. So a typical week looks like this:

DAY 1: Deadlift 6×6@70%, Benchpress 6×6@70%
DAY 2: Benchpress 7×5@75%
DAY 3: Squat 6×6@70%, Benchpress 8×4@80%
DAY 4: Overhead Press 6×6@70%, Benchpress 10×3@85%

So benchpress gets cycled much faster compared to the other lifts. For Week 2 of benching I add 5-10lbs on top of the poundage I was benching was the associated day from the week prior. Week 3 +10-20lbs. Week 4 I only bench on bench day and I test a 1RM. Whatever I get here (hopefully higher than last month’s cycle) will be the weight used for calculating bench for the next cycle. If it looks confusing… it isn’t… and as you follow along hopefully you’ll see what I mean.


Simple. Carb backloading. Without getting into too much of the science behind this I’ll just preface the main points.

– Non training days are low carb (<30g carbs). Eat all the proteins and fats I want.
– I train in the late afternoon/early evening, and postworkout meals are chock full of carbs (but no carbs until postworkout) consisting of high glycemic index carbs (so the bad stuff)
– Typical week:
Sunday: Low carb all day, go carb crazy post workout (4x chicken sandwiches from Wendys, large fries & a frosty)
Monday: Low carb all day
Tuesday: Low carb all day, carb load at night to fuel me up for Wednesday’s training
Wednesday: Low carb all day, carbs after workout
Thursday: Low carb all day
Friday: Low carb all day, carb load at night to fuel me up for Saturday’s training OR low carb all day
Saturday: Low carb all day, carb load after workout


PREWORKOUT: Varies, typically Genomyx Stimaholic or Lecheek SpeedTestX3 (sometimes random samples for reviews) + Genomyx Endurate
INTRAWORKOUT: Lecheek AminoFusion
POSTWORKOUT: Controlled Labs Green Magnitude (creatine)
ANCILLARY: Aromatase inhibitor (Licogenix, Erase PRO), Multivitamin, Fish Oil


Morning: 3x AAv2 on an empty stomach (I typically skip breakfast and my first meal is not until noon)
Dinner: 3x Recompadrol & 2 scoops Metabolic Powder 30 minutes prior to meal

I will be following that same setup on training off days as well.


248lbs (dry weight, taken right after waking)


Apologies for the poor camera shots. Obviously I’ve put on some extra pudge from taking some away time from the gym and I hope EBF can help me return to a better looking me!

Smolov C2W3D3: Squat 8x4x270lbs, Bench 8x4x240lbs

Lunch: 2 turkey burger patties, 2 slices wheat bread, 2 slices pepperjack cheese, 2 slices tomatoes, onions, lettuce
Dinner: 5/8th Jack’s Sausage/Pepperoni Pizza with 3oz. Hidden Valley Ranch for dip

So I started the morning off with 3 caps of AAv2 as I was walking out the door. I woke up around 8AM and tossed the caps back with a big glass of water. When I was driving in to work I began to notice some effects about 20 minutes after swallowing the caps… I had the sensation of hunger in my stomach but it was a little off. It was very warm and spread throughout my entire midsection. It almost felt like reflux but I didn’t feel it creeping up my throat. Wasn’t anything to freak me out just a good indicator to let me know that the product had started working. I took 3 caps of Recompadrol and tossed them back with 2 scoops of Metabolic Pow(d)er 30 minutes prior to chowing down on some pizza. Had no noticeable effects on appetite or fullness. I did notice however that I wasn’t feeling as “bloaty” after eating such a heavy meal. I’d really like to see how these products do when I follow them with a legit carb loading meal!

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log INTRO


With the approach of Christmas coming right around the corner we’ve all certainly noticed that the days have gotten shorter and we are spending more and more time in the eternal drag of darkness known as winter. For many of you (and myself included) this usually means easing up on dieting restrictions, letting gym time fall to the wayside and otherwise just letting ourselves go. Why not? It’s winter! I’m wearing 4 layers so no one can see that blubber that I slapped onto my physique!

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

New Years is a great time to set goals. Set goals and stick with them. Now a lot of my fellow gym goers usually hate the idea of January 1st because with that means a literal onslaught of new bodies taking up my precious gym space, racks, benches and dumbbells. Suddenly the weekend warriors become reinvigorated with their week off from work and think that doing the elliptical for 2 hours a day for that week will set them up for a 3 month streak of gains that’ll turn into a 6-pack abs by the time Spring Break rolls around. To those of you making a resolution to change yourself and get into better shape: I applaud you. But stick it out longer than February, will ya?



A few weeks ago I was approached by gentleman who wanted me to log and subsequently review his product line. This man was Joshua Yeary, and he is the CEO of Enhanced Body Formulations (EBF) Inc., whose primary supplement line (at the time of writing this) is targeted specifically to every facet of physique improvement: those of you looking to shed pounds, tighten up and still feel guilt free when the occasional cheat meal makes it way onto your mealplan or those of you planning on a recomp and even effective for the bulkers who will plow through NYE like it was nothing but want something to keep the excess fat from covering up dem’ gainz.

I was asked to log/review three of their products, each with their own unique abilities and fat targeting, blocking and removal. So I present to you the EBF Lineup:

Rompadrol prf

Recompadrol: a tried and true (from personal experience) GDA – glucose disposal agent also acting as a superb nutrient partitioner (in with the good, out with the bad). Recompadrol is great for anyone looking to throw down the occasional cheat meal guilt free due to the ability of Recompadrol to reduce body fat because of its potent effect of blocking fatty acid synthesis through ATP-Citrate Lyase, and also functioning as a PPAR-Alpha Agonist and a PPAR-Gamma Antagonist… In layman’s terms: It makes dieting easier.

I used a 4 bottle cycle of this product a few years ago while trying to cut up for a wedding and I can attest to the product’s effectiveness. I was able to go from 235lbs to 220lbs over the course of 3 months while still going crazy with post workout meals and late night feeds with things such as whole large pizzas, Taco Bell, Steak N’ Shake, etc. Can’t wait to try it again!


AAv2 is a new one to me. Where Recompadrol shines with blocking the unwanted and storing the good stuff, AAv2 is the “fat burner” of this trio of products. Not only will it succeed in burning off what you’ve just put in but it was also go to town on the fat stores you already have in your body helping you achieve a leaner physique. Get ready for some science! Hydroxycitric Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine in the FAT MOBILIZATION COMPLEX interact to mobilize and transport fat. Then the EBF ANNIHILATION COMPLEX takes over, as Fucoxanthin, Alpha Yohimbine, and Capsaicin combine to vanquish fat stores through PPARγ receptor antagonism. The Evodiamine, and Ginkgo Biloba Extract in AAv2 take body recomposition to a new level, boosting thermogenesis, regulating thyroid activity, and producing preferential glucose uptake. The takeaway? Synergistic effects when paired with Recompadrol. Burn fat off and keep it off.


So I wasn’t able to find a label pic for MP nor am I at home to take a picture of it but thats OK but its so simple that I can just type it out: In 2 scoops of MP there is a prop blend of 2500mg containing Garcinia Cambogia (50% Hydroxycitric Acid) and raspberry ketones. 50 servings per tub. Metabolic Powder brings our fat burning/blocking trifecta to completion and falls in between both AAv2 and Recompadrol with abilities to further enhance the blocking and burning of fat. So essentially the most badass fat burning stack ever created.


Josh couldn’t have contacted me at a better time. I recently took some time off from the gym thanks to a new girl in my life… my beautiful baby girl that is about to be 4 months old! While I wouldn’t give that time off from the gym up for anything (giggling baby gets me every time) I certainly do NOT like the man I see looking back at me in the mirror. I’m ready to get back into a routine that keeps me strong while cutting down on these excess fat stores and I think this EBF “Trifecta” Fat Burning Stack is just the ticket I’ve been needing.

I’ll be updating this blog here daily with progress pictures, weight updates and videos. I may showcase some footage such as the products themselves (such as how well MP mixes/tastes), food porn, body shots and training videos (ie: me lifting some heavy ass weight). I haven’t quite gotten down on the dosing/timings yet but once I figure that out (it’ll vary based on the day if I’ve trained/plan to train/off day) I’ll be posting that.

Day 1 starts tomorrow!

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Huge thank you and GIANT shoutout to Josh Yeary and the boys of EBF for making this happen! Caught me off guard and I was more than happy to oblige! Watch out… progress is happening!