DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 24

DAY 24


247.2lbs (-0.8)

LTM: C1W1 – SQ/DL Accessory
Today began the Lilliebridge Training Method… and its a beast. Especially when you are carb depleted.

45 x 5
95 x 5
135 x 8
155 x 6
175 x 5
135 x 8

115 x 15,15,15,15

50 x 15,15,15,15

60 x 12,10,10,10 (ea. leg)

50 x 20
60 x 20
70 x 15
75 x 15

135 x 25,25,25,25



So FINALLY! Today is the LAST day of the prep phase for me. I have one more day of training tomorrow morning and then I get to let the carbs back into my life and I can’t wait because I’m having some birthday celebrations throughout the end of the week and there will be plenty… as long as I’ve trained the day of! I’m writing this update midday so I’m not going to post a MFP pic of my macros today but its a standard 30g carb day. Postworkout I had a few Power Crunch protein bars (7g carb after fiber) and a 2 turkey burgers for lunch. I’m planning on having some chicken with half a cup of mixed veggies smothered in Sriacha sauce for dinner. Tomorrow I’ll probably do the same for postworkout but then for lunch I’ll indulge in some carbs while saving the bulk of them for dinner. Today’s workout was tough. I haven’t front squatted in quite some time and my knees are letting me know. With CBL (and likewise the EBF supplements) I have noticed that pumps come on much quicker and stick around longer, have a greater sense of leanness (especially upon waking) when looking in the mirror/day to day and have been appearing more vascular although I can never seem to capture this in pictures. Muscle soreness has been lasting longer (expected) and strength has maintained if not improved. I was surprised to hit some of my training maxes with how little carbs I’ve had. I have had no cravings for sweet things (someone just handed me a chocolate chip cookie at work and I had to throw it away), have been sleeping better and have better overall sense of well being. I’d say things are going great! Will be taking all EBF supplements prior/post dinner. Can’t wait to rise and shine early tomorrow and get my train on!

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 23

DAY 23

247.5lbs (-0.5lbs)

Another off day arrrrrrgggh!



Don’t be thrown off by the carbs going over 30… I had enough fiber that I took it down to 29 ;)! Everything has been going great so far! The only reason I can think of (prepare yourself for a TMI moment!) that my weight has gone up slightly compared to the lowest point (245lbs) is that I haven’t had to use the bathroom in awhile if ya get what I mean! Otherwise (I’m writing Day 23’s entry on Wednesday but Day 23 was Tuesday) I think that tomorrow morning I’ll be at my lowest weight yet… hopefully 242 or around there but definitely less than 245. Took 3 caps Recomp with 2 scoops of MP before dinner and followed it up an hour later with the AAv2. So far so good!

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 21

DAY 21


248.8 (+0.8lbs)

45 x 5
75 x 5
95 x 4
115 x 3
135 x 2
165 x 1 (New training max!)

135 x 5
185 x 10
195 x 8
205 x 6
225 x 3

50s x 12
60s x 10
75s x 6

10 x 10
15 x 10,10

10 x 10
15 x 8,8

42.5 x 10
47.5 x 10
50 x 10

82 x 10
87.5 x 10
92 x 10
100 x 10

15 x 10,10,10,16



Still sticking with my guns. Taking EBF products prior to last meal of the day all at once (MP & AAv2 & Recomp). While CBL and this eating style would be enough on their own for weightloss I’m still taking the EBF products to accelerate this process which I would have to say is going quite well. Going from 258 to 248 in the course of about 4 days sounds just about right to me. By Day 4 my body should be already in or nearly in ketosis. As the body is expunging whatever glycogen/carb source it has left for every gram of carbohydrates that gets expunged it pulls with it 2 grams of water… so rapid weightloss early on is expected. I’ll have a weekly review coming up Wednesday video style as well as some updated pictures.

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 19

DAY 19


(Day 18 Rest Day, Began CBL Prep Phase)

DAY 18 WEIGHT: 256.4lbs (+8.4lbs)

254.4lbs (+6.4lbs)

135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 6
250 x 5,5,5,5

135 x 10
185 x 10
205 x 8
225 x 8
245 x 5 (should have been 6 I bumped the rack 🙁 )

95 x 15
115 x 12
135 x 10
150 x 8
165 x 6 (PR for reps at this weight)

50s x 12
60s x 10
70s x 8

HIGH: 27 x 10,10,10
MIDDLE: 23 x 10,10,10
LOWER: 20 x 10,10,10

80 x 10,10,8

50 x 12,10,10

20 x 12
25 x 10,10



At this point my diet has been completely revamped as you can see here by this picture of my “MyFitnessPal” diet for this day. Again the whole basis of the “Prep Phase” for CBL is to eat less than 30g of carbs a day for the first 7-10 days depending on how often you are exercises. I will be doing this Prep Phase for an 8 day stretch because I will have lifted 4-5 times during this phase and perhaps squeeze in 1-2 cardio days with HIIT cycling. The EBF products have been taken prior to the dinner meal and all at the same time. I will start taking MP pre/post workout on the days I train and only take it prior to dinner on my off days.


DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 17

DAY 17


Day 16: 254.2lbs (+6.2)
Day 17: 258.4lbs (+10.4)

Day 16: Rest Day

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 4
275 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 2
405 x 1
430 x 1
460 x 1 (new training max, old was 415, all time is 500

135 x 10,10,10,10

175 x 6
130 x 8,8,8


Same as usual. Was kind of surprised to see my BW up so much on New Year’s Eve… but I blame that on the terrible eating habits I made for myself knowing that going into the New Year I’d be changing some things up which would will see presented on Day 19 (Day 18 is another rest day!) I did take all of the EBF products together twice today before my meals (lunch and dinner) and just realized I left a few of the Recompadrol caps in my jean pocket! Better get them outta there before the dog eats them! I’m also going to be making some changes to my lifting routine. I’m currently doing a modified Smolov routine aimed at improving my benchpress and after I test out all of my maxes for all lifts I will transition over to the Lilliebridge Training Method with all lifts based on the maxes I come up with. I almost thought about going with Sheiko but I’ll keep that on the back burner for now.

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 15

DAY 15


252.6lbs (+4.6)

None today

Lunch: Chicken/bacon wheat wrap, lettuce, tomatoes, pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, buffalo ranch
Dinner (Supps taken prior): Black n’ Bleu Burger w/ bacon, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, 8 Mango Habanero boneless wings, wedges with cheese


Nothing new here except I took double everything I normally take. I took 3 caps Recompadrol and 2 scoops of MP prior to both lunch and dinner, and followed that up with 3 capps of AAv2 90 minutes after each meal. Big changes are coming for me starting on the 1st (how cliche) and I’m going out with a bang. Today was supposed to be my last day to “eat bad” but to my surprise we are going to a NYE party later tonight that I’m sure is going to have some other bad things… so after tonight I’m turning a new leaf. I’ll be making a post about that here shortly.

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log Day 13


DAY 13

251lbs (+3.0)


45 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 4
255 x 3
275 x 10 x 3 (10 sets, 3 reps)

463 x 8
553 x 8
643 x 8,8,8
(The machine unloaded is 103lbs… I know its strange)

BW x 10,10,10,10

70 x 8,8,8
40 x 8,8,8 (reverse grip)


– Breakfast: (3 caps Recomp & 2 scoops MP taken 30 minutes prior): Scrambled eggs with onions and jalapenos, 2 plain bagels with cream cheese and apricot jam, 3 pieces of bacon and a side of mashed potatoes

– Dinner (post training): Qdoba Queso Diablo Chicken (extra chicken) burrito, white rice, black beans, salsa, cheese, sour cream

Breakfast is typical skipped during regular days of the week and I usually just eat lunch and dinner.


I’ll be posting a video soon about each product and should hopefully have some comparison photos from the start of the log to look at!

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log WEEK IN REVIEW 1

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday/holiday weekend! I know I certainly did! There were some ups and some downs to it though that certainly put a little damper on my situation and I want to make sure that is accounted for here in the log. Around Christmas Eve/Day I must have snagged the flu or some sort of stomach bug because for about 2 days around that time I could barely keep anything down. I had no appetite and no will to get to the gym (not that it mattered they were closed). Just an all over feeling of sickness that really wasn’t lending itself well to this log. I did try to keep up with the daily supplementation but I’m not sure how much of the products were actually absorbed. With that being said I’ve passed that bug and have hopefully moved on to better times! Here is how my weight has varied accordingly:

Day 8 – December 23rd: 247.5 (-0.5)
Day 9 – December 24th: 245.2  (-2.8)
Day 10 – December 25th: 246 (-2.0)
Day 11 – December 26th: 247 (-1.0)
Day 12 – December 27th: 249 (+1.0)
Day 13 – December 28th: 251 (+3.0)
Day 14 – December 29th, Today: 254.2 (+6.2)

So my weight has fluctuated quite a bit. Being at work leading up to the holiday was horrendous. There were foods and snacks and candies and cakes galore. Chocolate fudge, peanut butter buckeyes, puppy chow and caramels… you name it they had it. And being one of the only men in the office the women automatically assume that I’ll just eat everything that is leftover. So I caved a little bit and snacked. And then when I went home for the weekend, even with taking the EBF products, I practically gorged myself on Christmas meals. Hearty plates filled with turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole and dinner rolls. Followed by dessert. And my Christmas cookies. Couple this with the fact that I was slamming fluids following my sickness I’m sure that some of these inflated numbers are due to water weight gain (as well as why I was at my lowest on the 24th). I was not a good CBLer over Christmas break :(!

The upshot? Even this morning as my eyes widened in shock at how much I weighed in today… I feel leaner than I did at 248. Strange as that may sound its how I feel. Will have to see how this trend continues. The ultimate goal for me would be to cut down to about 230lbs while maintaining strength. We’ll see…

– DJ

DJBeanPole’s EBF Fat Burning Stack Log DAY 1


Before we get into the beginning intro let me cover some groundwork so that you all that will be following along can see a starting point for myself as well as a plan for how this is all going to work out.


At the moment it will be 3 days a week based on home life/work schedule. Typical days are Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Having two days off in between Sun-Wed and Wed-Sat is beneficial for the type of “dieting” plan I’m setting myself up for. More on that later.

Training is powerlifting oriented. In the past I’ve done things such as Starting Strength, 5/3/1, CUBE & Sheiko. I have since moved on to a Russian themed program called Smolov, a high volume low rep progressive overload styling which typically follows a “squat 4x/week” mentality but I took that same way of thinking and decided for this go-around to apply it to benchpress instead. Here is how it works:

– Take one month to complete a cycle
– Lifts are based off of %s of a max lift
– %s increase with each subsequent week
– As the cycle progresses the weight increases, the sets increase but the reps go down
– Week 4 tests a new benchpress max
– Week 5 resets a new cycle with +5lbs to upperbody lifts and +10lbs to lower body lifts (exception being whatever new max I set for benchpress)
– A typical setup:

WEEK 1: 6 sets X 6 reps @ 70% max
WEEK 2: 7 sets X 5 reps @ 75% max
WEEK 3: 8 sets X 4 reps @ 80% max
WEEK 4: 10 sets X 3 reps @ 85% max

The only exception is within each day I go to lift I’m always doing bench. So a typical week looks like this:

DAY 1: Deadlift 6×6@70%, Benchpress 6×6@70%
DAY 2: Benchpress 7×5@75%
DAY 3: Squat 6×6@70%, Benchpress 8×4@80%
DAY 4: Overhead Press 6×6@70%, Benchpress 10×3@85%

So benchpress gets cycled much faster compared to the other lifts. For Week 2 of benching I add 5-10lbs on top of the poundage I was benching was the associated day from the week prior. Week 3 +10-20lbs. Week 4 I only bench on bench day and I test a 1RM. Whatever I get here (hopefully higher than last month’s cycle) will be the weight used for calculating bench for the next cycle. If it looks confusing… it isn’t… and as you follow along hopefully you’ll see what I mean.


Simple. Carb backloading. Without getting into too much of the science behind this I’ll just preface the main points.

– Non training days are low carb (<30g carbs). Eat all the proteins and fats I want.
– I train in the late afternoon/early evening, and postworkout meals are chock full of carbs (but no carbs until postworkout) consisting of high glycemic index carbs (so the bad stuff)
– Typical week:
Sunday: Low carb all day, go carb crazy post workout (4x chicken sandwiches from Wendys, large fries & a frosty)
Monday: Low carb all day
Tuesday: Low carb all day, carb load at night to fuel me up for Wednesday’s training
Wednesday: Low carb all day, carbs after workout
Thursday: Low carb all day
Friday: Low carb all day, carb load at night to fuel me up for Saturday’s training OR low carb all day
Saturday: Low carb all day, carb load after workout


PREWORKOUT: Varies, typically Genomyx Stimaholic or Lecheek SpeedTestX3 (sometimes random samples for reviews) + Genomyx Endurate
INTRAWORKOUT: Lecheek AminoFusion
POSTWORKOUT: Controlled Labs Green Magnitude (creatine)
ANCILLARY: Aromatase inhibitor (Licogenix, Erase PRO), Multivitamin, Fish Oil


Morning: 3x AAv2 on an empty stomach (I typically skip breakfast and my first meal is not until noon)
Dinner: 3x Recompadrol & 2 scoops Metabolic Powder 30 minutes prior to meal

I will be following that same setup on training off days as well.


248lbs (dry weight, taken right after waking)


Apologies for the poor camera shots. Obviously I’ve put on some extra pudge from taking some away time from the gym and I hope EBF can help me return to a better looking me!

Smolov C2W3D3: Squat 8x4x270lbs, Bench 8x4x240lbs

Lunch: 2 turkey burger patties, 2 slices wheat bread, 2 slices pepperjack cheese, 2 slices tomatoes, onions, lettuce
Dinner: 5/8th Jack’s Sausage/Pepperoni Pizza with 3oz. Hidden Valley Ranch for dip

So I started the morning off with 3 caps of AAv2 as I was walking out the door. I woke up around 8AM and tossed the caps back with a big glass of water. When I was driving in to work I began to notice some effects about 20 minutes after swallowing the caps… I had the sensation of hunger in my stomach but it was a little off. It was very warm and spread throughout my entire midsection. It almost felt like reflux but I didn’t feel it creeping up my throat. Wasn’t anything to freak me out just a good indicator to let me know that the product had started working. I took 3 caps of Recompadrol and tossed them back with 2 scoops of Metabolic Pow(d)er 30 minutes prior to chowing down on some pizza. Had no noticeable effects on appetite or fullness. I did notice however that I wasn’t feeling as “bloaty” after eating such a heavy meal. I’d really like to see how these products do when I follow them with a legit carb loading meal!

– DJ