The ChocoWEIGHT Gainer Shake!

In this video I try AaronJP1’s (a Purus Labs rep from forums) chocolate weight gainer! Simply named the ChocoWEIGHT gainer, the shake was delicious chocolately treat… I just wish I added more Hershey’s syrup!

ChocoWEIGHT Gainer:
1-2 scoops of a chocolate protein/weight gainer of your choosing
1-2 scoops creatine (optional)
1-2 scoops Butter Pecan ice cream (I went with Haagen-Daaz)
1-2 Banana(s)
8-12oz. of non-fat milk
Dash of vanilla
2 tbsp wheat germ
1 tbsp honey
A pinch of sugar (optional, I went with 1 tbsp of dextrose)

Nutrition Facts: 1250 calories/\ 134g carbs /\ 48g fat /\ 76g protein